Apple shares drop nearly 3%, dip below $90 on Mac OS X Leopard delay

Apple Store“Apple’s iPhone is coming — but at a price,” Priya Ganapati reports for

“Its much-anticipated music player/handheld device will ship in late June as planned, but the company’s Leopard operating system, a rival to Microsoft’s Vista operating system upgrade, will be delayed, according to Apple,” Ganapati reports. “The Cupertino, Calif.,-based company has had to divert engineering resources to the iPhone and as a result will push the release of Leopard back by at least three months to October, it said in a statement.”

Ganapati reports, “Shares of Apple were recently off $2.45, or 2.7%, to $89.74 in extended trading. During the past week, several sell-side analysts had expected a June release of Leopard to reaccelerate growth.”

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Some investors might consider this a nice opportunity.

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  1. I think it was the right choice,

    Tiger already beats Vista hands down,

    The iPhone is important, will expose even more people to Apple (other Than a mp3)

    I bet, they announce the “Tiop Secret” features in June, w/beta until release in October


    Apple is so . . . f-cking . . . BRAVE for doing this. Doing it the RIGHT way, that is.

    Give me Leopard when it’s NEAR-PERFECT, not when it’s rushed out the door like crap from Microsoft or other software vendors.

    The public doesn’t even know and won’t even care about Leopard vs. Tiger. All they know is that Apple makes Macs and Macs are better than PCs.

    And man oh man oh man, I’ve been hoping and PRAYING that AAPL would drop below $90 again!!!!!!

    It’s my buying opportunity!!! The one I dreamed of!!! I’m buying back in, baby!!!


  3. I remember that hype Apple had on their website around the beginning of this year. This big promise of all the great stuff they were going to do in 2007. They should have been more specific and said that it would all happen in the second half of the year, and that the first half was going to be NOTHING but waiting.

    No Leopard, but it’s WAY overdue.
    No Logic Pro 8, but it’s WAY overdue.
    No iLife ’07, but it’s WAY overdue.
    No iWork ’07, but it’s WAY overdue.
    No true video iPod, but it’s WAY overdue.

    Their major product lines have all taken this hit for the sole purpose of one product: iPhone.

    I was already tired of waiting for all this 6 months ago. And so far this year it’s been really lame. But this is just ridiculous. There comes a time when anticipation turns into frustration, and then into apathy. Geez!

    And aint it great that the folks over at MS are having a good belly laugh over all this.

  4. Just to play devil’s advocate here…

    But what can’t you do now that you’ll be able to do when Leopard comes out? Is you workflow going to suffer without Spaces?
    CS2 not running on Intel Macs… THAT was something to make a stink about (ask me how I know). But it’s not as if there is some huge missing functionality that we’ve all ground to a halt waiting for. Well, running Windows apps in OS X would be very cool (hint) but I have VMware for now.
    I’m very disappointed, but it’s not the end of the world, and I’d be MUCH more upset if iPhone was delayed. That’s going to be far more important to the company and the platform than Leopard in the long run.


  5. iPhone is a scapegoat. Even so, I don’t mind waiting. Tiger still has plenty of life. Speaking of life, why is iLife WAY overdue. Sure it can be improved, but did Apple promise a new version at any time?

  6. Software development is not like building a car. It doesnt just flow down the production line. But a four month delay is a lot. You have to ask why Apple were so confident a few weeks ago when they scotched the rumour that Leopard was being delayed to support Vista – if they were on time a few weeks ago, how are they 4 months behind now?

    Maybe they have had to make quite a few changes to Leopard to accommodate things they wanted to do in iPhone?

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