Apple shares drop nearly 3%, dip below $90 on Mac OS X Leopard delay

Apple Store“Apple’s iPhone is coming — but at a price,” Priya Ganapati reports for

“Its much-anticipated music player/handheld device will ship in late June as planned, but the company’s Leopard operating system, a rival to Microsoft’s Vista operating system upgrade, will be delayed, according to Apple,” Ganapati reports. “The Cupertino, Calif.,-based company has had to divert engineering resources to the iPhone and as a result will push the release of Leopard back by at least three months to October, it said in a statement.”

Ganapati reports, “Shares of Apple were recently off $2.45, or 2.7%, to $89.74 in extended trading. During the past week, several sell-side analysts had expected a June release of Leopard to reaccelerate growth.”

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Some investors might consider this a nice opportunity.

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  1. Software development is not like building a car. It doesnt just flow down the production line. But a four month delay is a lot. You have to ask why Apple were so confident a few weeks ago when they scotched the rumour that Leopard was being delayed to support Vista – if they were on time a few weeks ago, how are they 4 months behind now?

    Maybe they have had to make quite a few changes to Leopard to accommodate things they wanted to do in iPhone?

  2. Come on MDN, are you asleep at the wheel?

    Priya Ganapati suggested that Leopard is Apple’s answer to rival Vista – but this is backwards! Vista was MS’s answer to Panther and Tiger. MS is scrambling right now trying to figure out what to do to combat Leopard, and they’ve got a long way to go before anything Leopard-like comes out of Redmond (think years).

    Apple is still ahead in the game, although today’s announcement has set us back a bit. Not to worry though.

  3. For you switchers and wannabe switchers lapping up what the pump-and-dump® shorts are shoveling, you can go back to sleep: Apple is not doooooom. No, you don’t need to wait for Leopard to get a Mac. Tiger is already far ahead of that POS Vista. Don’t believe me? Go over to your neighbor’s house and beg, borrow or, well, beg or borrow their Mac. Spend some quality time on it. Then go spend some time on a peecee running Asta la vista.

    BTW, yes, it does suck tremendously that we have to wait for the next great big cat. I hope The Steve fires that candy ass responsible for managing the resources on the iPhone/Leopard teams, today!

    Rock on Steve!
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