Apple posts Apple TV ad online in HD

Apple StoreApple today posted the company’s new television ad for Apple TV in various sizes and qualities: Small, Medium, Large, and HD.

The newest Apple ad features a scene from the movie School of Rock with the voice over, “It’s on your computer,” as the camera zooms out to reveal the scene playing on an Apple iMac.

The camera pans right, goes “through the wall” as per the magic of TV and settles on an iPod in hand playing the same scene with the voice over, “It’s on your iPod.” The camera then pans right again, through another wall to show a flat screen TV with the voiceover, “And, now, it’s on your TV.”

The spot ends with a shot of the Apple TV, finishing by showing the actual product name that is on top of the Apple TV units.

See it here:

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  1. I don’t like this add. It is so plain and does’t make the product look good. What about freeing the music, picture library and films from your HD? Films only? If I didn’t know what AppleTV can do I wouldn’t buy it.

    What happened? Did they fire the guys they’ve been using so far?

  2. This ad has a completely different goal than the ‘I’m a Mac’ ads. It is announcing the product, and in it’s simplest terms… defining what it does. 99% of the population knows what a computer does… 1% knows what the AppleTV does.

    It is not a bad add… it just isn’t amusing. Amusing does not equal GOOD.

  3. The important thing to consider here is not the ad itself (nice house…) but the hi def.

    It loaded fairly fast (I know it isn’t 720p) but maybe it is a hint……(this is the part where you go ‘ooohhh, rental hi def, yeah….)

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