Free TVShows app automates BitTorrent downloads for Mac OS X users

Apple Store“Downloading your favorite TV show is much easier than it was a few years ago with the help of torrent indexing sites and great software. With the arrival of the open source TVShows application, the whole thing just got even easier,” enigmax writes for TorrentFreak.

“Subscriptions to various shows are managed from within the application. Once set, the software runs silently in the background checking to see if .torrent files are available for your chosen shows yet, and if they are it downloads them by triggering an instance of your favorite BitTorrent client and the download begins,” enigmax explains.

“TVShows is able to download the correct episode from within a series and offers a choice of video qualities to download – Normal, High and Very High,” enigmax writes. “The open source TVShows 0.2 runs on Mac OS X 10.4.”

Full article with screenshots and links here.

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  1. I had cable guys over last evening.

    They were running wires all around for digital cable and home network before I talked to one and he figured out that the network that I put in was better than anything they could install.

    The hit of the evening was my 24″ iMac–“I just need to reboot this….hey, Windows??? What???” “The whole thing is just the screen?” “What did that cost, like $4000?”

    Anyway, what we were watching was the latest episode of Entourage. “That a torrent?” one guy asks? “Yes.” I answer. He turns to one of the other guys and says, “See, I told you torrents are the best.”

    Hard to get too excited about how evil torrents are when Comcast’s employees are over watching torrents.

  2. Nice. Getting closer to what I want. Maybe someday, I can download an application, tell what shows I want, tell it the quality, it will download them automaticly via bittorrent, convert it to the proper format, place it in AppleTV and then clean up after it’s self by deleting the torrent file, the raw file, and anything it might of done leaving me with the show I want on AppleTV. I might pay $20 for that.

  3. Good idea MegaMe except the purpose of BitTorrent is to distribute the files. Don’t clean up. Why is it right for you to get it via BitTorrent, but then not make it available to others? Kind of defeats the purpose.

  4. Of course you want torrents cleaned up. If you keep all your torrents opened forever you won’t be able to share at any speed useful to anyone else, and you computer will choke just on the sheer overhead of keeping that many torrents going.

    Ideally you keep torrents open until you’ve shared as much as you’ve dl’d, and then after that, yeah, clean up.

    And sometimes it isn’t particularly possible to hit that 1:1 figure–I belong to a private site where a particular concert might be a heavy share for a day or two, but after that everyone that wanted it has gotten it. No need for 100 seeds to stay sharing when there aren’t any peers wanting the file.

  5. @ Canadian

    (from wikipedia)
    packet shaping of…

    “Undesired Traffic

    This category is generally limited to the delivery of spam and traffic created by worms, botnets, and other malicious attacks. In some countries (for example, China), this definition can (and does) expand to such traffic as non-local VoIP (Skype) or video streaming services, which are squelched to create a market for the ‘in-house’ services of the same type. Shaping schemes usually involve identifying and blocking this traffic entirely, or just by severely hampering its operation.

    Rogers Communications in Canada has been accused of applying this type of shaping to peer-to-peer traffic in violation of CRTC regulations.”

    The more I hear about Rogers Communications in Canada, the more i feel sorry for you guys.

  6. >The more I hear about Rogers Communications in Canada, the more i feel sorry for you guys.

    It’s not just Rogers, it’s our CRTC that’s being lobbied by corporations to disallow services so they can fomeny their own (expensive) alternatives. Therefore, here in Canada we get no videos, TV shows, movies, online from iTunes or any other legal sources aside from the TV networks. This only helps the companies assert everyone is thieving and lobby for bandwidth restrictions. You folks in the US should pay heed to the need for “Net Neutrality” because if you lose it, you will suffer.

  7. Both Skype and Torrent clients both function perfectly on Bell – If Rogers is messing things up for you, send them a strong message by cancelling their service and switching to Bell (or any other ISP here).

    About 5 years ago, Rogers saved me the trouble and kicked me off (for breaching their fair use policy in the agreement contract – basically, I started using BitTorrent). Switched to Bell, and have never looked back.

    Rogers = Evil Corporate Overlords

    (too bad they might be the sole contractor in Canada for the iPhone – although they have recently backtracked on that as well)

  8. @ Brau

    Hi fellow Macite,
    I’m not in the US, but am in Europe (Ireland)
    where “Net Neutrality” is not even a public discussion yet! Which is worrying because that usually means that it will be implemented in a form not beneficial to the public before they even know what it is about!!

    The temporary upside here is that the ISP’s are still trying to roll out broadband state wide, so these discussions are still off in our future.

    Therefore packet shaping, Net Neutrality has not yet been widely discussed.
    And I do mean yet!!

    Maybe we Mac fans worldwide & MDN should keep each other informed about these matters as it does affect us all.

  9. @ Another Canadian

    “Rogers = Evil Corporate Overlords”

    Every bit of information I have read about them on the net seem to support your statement.

    I hope for all our sakes that Bell & others worldwide don’t follow their example.

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