Neil Aspinall resigns from Apple Corps, The Beatles on the way to Apple’s iTunes Store?

Apple Store“The head of the Beatles’ company Apple Corps, Neil Aspinall, who started out as the band’s road manager, is leaving after 40 years, the company said Tuesday, with music executive Jeff Jones to become chief executive,” Reuters reports.

“Aspinall, who was a close friend of the Beatles since their formation in Liverpool, will be replaced by Jones, who has served as executive vice president, Legacy Recordings/Sony BMG Worldwide since 1995,” Reuters reports.

Reuters reports, “Aspinall’s departure comes just two months after Apple Corps settled a trademark squabble with Apple, a deal that could finally pave the way for the Fab Four’s songs to be sold on the iTunes music store.”

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Possibly a massive roadblock to The Beatles debut on Apple’s iTunes Store now removed?

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  1. > Possibly a massive roadblock to The Beatles debut on Apple’s iTunes Store now removed?

    The timing seems to point to that conclusion. Either that, or he was instrumental in finalizing the agreement (with the “massive roadblock” elsewhere), and now he is leaving AFTER the deal was closed.

  2. When the Beatles sign on with iTunes, count on there being an 8 GB iPod nano, and 30 GB iPod video available in a multi-color casing (black w/white) with a Beatles SE logo laser etched on the back.

    Count on The Beatles music being an iTunes exclusive for six-months, 256-bit with no-DRM.

    128 bit with DRM will NOT be an option. The Beatles will demand quality music, and 128 bit does not cut it for them.

    The Beatles longevity in music pokes at a variety of niche markets regarding age, so these iPods should sell very, very well, and iTunes will again be installed on more and more PC’s further saturating the market as THE digital content platform.

  3. Mummy calls the shots. Aspinall hasn’t made a decision since Paul Is Dead.

    Speaking of His Nibs, Sir Paul got even with Mummy and Daddy by not appearing with me on stage. He doesn’t care if the Beatles show up on iTunes or not.

    Mr. Starkey, does, though. He needs more money to continue his drum lessons.

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