Smart business owners migrate to Apple’s OS-unlimited Macs

Apple Store“Many SMB entrepreneurs have discovered that switching to Apple from Microsoft incurs far less hidden costs than anticipated and brings productivity and cost savings despite slightly higher purchase price on Mac computer tags,” Jack M. Germain reports for MacNewsWorld. “‘In short, switching to a Mac infrastructure has been far less disruption than I imagined, with far greater usability and far smoother operation,’ Stever Robbins, CEO of the Stever Robbins Company, told MacNewsWorld. He runs a Massachusetts-based business skills consulting firm.”

Germain reports, “Robbins, who founded or was an early team member of nine startup companies over 25 years, switched his company to the Mac side of computing around the end of last year. He has not regretted the decision. He was toying with the idea since Apple released Macs capable of running both the MacOS and Windows XP operating systems. ‘I kept waiting and putting it off. Then my Windows computer kept crashing. I lost three-and-a-half days of my billable time as a consultant in getting my PC working again,’ he explained. ‘The Mac changed my life, truly. I can’t imagine voluntarily switching back to Windows.'”

“After days of fighting to salvage his misbehaving Windows installation, Robbins decided that as long as he was going to have to do a complete Windows reinstallation to solve the problem, he might as well do it on a dual Mac. In the last three months he hasn’t spent any time dealing with crashes,” Germain reports.

Germain reports, “Some business users in the past were critical of switching to Macs for their lack of software. That is no longer the case, according to Griswold and Robbins. Prebundled software gave Robbins an integrated address book, calendar, e-mail and other business applications that synchronize with his PDA and with the Internet. ‘What cost me hundreds of dollars to cobble together poorly on a PC comes built-in with the Mac, all working smoothly,’ said Robbins. ‘Overall, the total cost of software and hardware is not any more costly [on a Mac] than it is on Windows.'”

Germain reports, “The three biggest productivity boosts for Robbins are the drag-to-trash icon feature to completely uninstall a program, the real security provided with a Mac, and not having a problem with viruses. He spent less time managing and fixing his Mac equipment than ever before on his Windows box. ‘I figure I’ve saved at least five days so far in administrative time, which more than makes up for the price of the new computers,’ he boasted.”

Germain reports, “One big confusion that most people have about not switching to a Mac infrastructure is that basic software does not work well on the Mac, suggested Griswold. His company does much of its business using Web-based word processing. ‘Macs are fine with that. As a small-business owner all I need is available in the Mac world,’ he said.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “LinuxGuy and Mac Prodigal Son” for the heads up.]

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  1. Expect to hear more of these stories in coming months. I know I have been converting a few of my clients over from Windows to Macs and every last one of them sends me an email at least once a month thanking me for the advice.

  2. JadisOne,

    that’s good news.

    On the ward in the hospital where I work in Berlin as a psychiatric nurse, two doctors (out of four) have changed to the Mac. Two years ago, I was the only Mac user there.

  3. My favorite part is this quote (my emphasis):

    “I can’t imagine VOLUNTARILY switching back to Windows.”

    I can just imagine Ballmer reading this in his lair and menacingly responding, “then you will do it INvoluntarily, Mr. Robbins…. mwahahaha!”

  4. I have a bicycle repair shop and run Mac OSX for every last business detail. That, and the Mac looks really cool sitting at the front counter. People always say something positive about it.

    Macs are GREAT for small business!

  5. “The three biggest productivity boosts for Robbins are the drag-to-trash icon feature to completely uninstall a program…”

    Does that guy uninstall lots and lots and lots of programs????
    How many times does one even do that that it effects productivity in a Mac vs Windows way?
    The Windows way to delete a program:
    Start > Software > Select software to delete, click delete.
    Dragging to the garbage can on the Mac is what, one step less???? And that is a productivity boost?

    Sure would not be one of my top 3 productivity boosts in using a Mac.

  6. Although there is still some improvements Apple can do to make their products more attractive to buisnesses.

    1: Run most Windows apps without Windows.

    2: Allow more configuration options. For example if a buisness wants 100 Mac Mini’s without cd drives, they should have that option.

    3: Much better security and privacy options. Mac OS X’s record hasn’t been exactly “steller”, in fact lately Mac OS X security issues are rapidly rising as Windows has been falling. It’s because of Windows vast market share that even the tiniest of security issues becomes a plague.

    4: Sheilding the operating system better from the 95% of exploits that are application based.

    Third party developers are driven by marketing, they want root and demand it through some lame ass excuse for shoddy coding and start sending vital information without your knowledge or consent.

    5: Take EFI under their wing and ensure it’s security. Right now any application can install something in EFI and it will download over the internet and run code before the operating system even loads!! This is a extreme violation of consumers privacy and security.

    Yet no one hears about it.

  7. Hey Mac Salesguy… I believe you are missing one important aspect. Sure, you deleted the app that way on Windows, but not the plethora of other things it installed all over the place. As opposed to the Mac where it’s – usually – just deleting the package and removing everything.

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