Beleaguered Dell’s numbers don’t add up

Apple Store“I think it’s not unreasonable to conclude that something might be amiss and that maybe Dell’s past wasn’t as bright as folks thought — ergo, its future won’t be as bright, even if it can manage to turn itself around, which would require a heroic effort, indeed. All of this blather about new management is absurd, since the top dog has not left,” Bill Fleckenstein writes for MSN Money.

Fleckenstein writes, “Maybe I’m dead wrong, but to me Dell is a risky idea — a turnaround story in an awful business, with absolutely no margin of safety in the valuation. Hence, my short position. Hopefully, readers will find this an interesting contrast to what Wall Street regularly calls research.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “LinuxGuy and Mac Prodigal Son” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: Give us an S, an I, a D! Give us an A, a G, a T, an M! Give us a B, a T, another T, an S! What’s that stand for?!

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  1. [siz=4]S[/size]ometimes [siz=4]i[/size]Macs [siz=4]D[/size]on’t [siz=4]A[/size]ctually [siz=4]G[/size]o [siz=4]T[/size]wo [siz=4]M[/size]inutes [siz=4]B[/size]efore [siz=4]T[/size]otal [siz=4]T[/size]errible [siz=4]S[/size]hutdown?

    MDN magic word: myself – as in, I entertain myself.

  2. MSFT has no reason to give Dell any money – the reason they gave Apple money back in the day (in the form of non-voting stock purchase) was to prop up Apple to protect MSFT from monopoly status (Mac OS was the only real desktop game around – OS/2, BeOS, Geos, etc didn’t amount to anything).

  3. Mike Dell is right now trying to pull the plug on clones and newtons and designing a blue and white all-in-one computer without a floppy drive.
    “I saw this work once before.” he was overheard saying.

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