delivers indie films for Apple TV

Apple, an online distributor of digital content, is now offering independent filmmakers with distribution directly into the family room via Apple’s new Apple TV. provides indie films for portable media players such as the Apple iPod and Sony PSP. Now, the web startup has added content for Apple TV.

Independent action director Nathyn Brendan Masters’s new martial arts film “Wages of Sin” is one of the first indie films created with Apple TV in mind. To usher in this new phase of digital self-distribution, Masters has partnered with to distribute “Wages of Sin” specifically for portable media players such as the iPod and the PSP (PlayStation Portable) and, now, for Apple TV.

“What Apple has done is basically open the doors for unlimited content,” says genre filmmaker Masters, who plays an undercover police officer framed for murder in his ode to B action films “Wages of Sin,” in the press release. “If done correctly Apple TV will be an incredible boon for independent filmmakers and digital content providers worldwide.”

Consumers can purchase the Apple TV version of “Wages of Sin” from for US$3.99.

New devices are helping to shape the future of distribution and continue to expand the movie fan’s ability to consume content. CEO Brian Andrews said in the press release, “The Apple TV, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Slingbox are all important devices. We are now finally seeing the completion of the online distribution circle. To deliver content into the home via broadband was the first step. We now have the ability to deliver content the ‘last 100 feet’ to the family room. As the large studios struggle to figure out their place in the new model, independent producers have a great window of opportunity to get their content out there to a wider audience. is here to help independent producers do exactly that.”

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  1. The on-demand world is coming, people. In a few years (maybe less), Apple will start an iTunes subscription service – you can have any movie, TV show, song, or game ever made streamed to you at any time.

    It’s coming.

  2. “We now have the ability to deliver content the ‘last 100 feet’ to the family room.”

    And, I always thought it was the last “10 feet”. Or, maybe, it was the last 100 yards?

    MW = “Cubert”

    No freakin’ way!!!

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  3. The only problem I forsee is that as more features are added to iTunes it becomes more complex to navigate. I experienced this, the other day, when I went to show my older inlaws how to use it. It was too much for them.

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