Hands-on with new Google Desktop for Mac beta

Apple Store“Google Desktop has finally made its way to the Mac. Almost two and a half years after the initial introduction of the Google Desktop search beta for Windows, the desktop searching tool will be available as a beta for OS X users today,” Jacqui Cheng reports for Ars Technica.

Cheng reports, “Like both Spotlight (built into OS X 10.4) and the third-party utility Quicksilver, Google Desktop offers users the ability perform an indexed search of their entire computer’s contents, including applications, music, photos, chat logs, e-mail, and other documents.”

“In addition to what’s stored on the hard drive, however, Google Desktop also allows users to index their Gmail from Google’s servers as well as the contents of their web search history, so that a copy is always accessible to them, even when the computer is no longer connected to the Internet,” Cheng reports.

Cheng reports, “The beta period for Google Desktops for the Mac will likely last about three months in order to get user feedback. The Google team says that it plans to eventually bring all Google Desktop features to the Mac, which they estimate to happen sometime within the next six months.”

Full article here.

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  1. Uh, thanks but no thanks

    95% of exploits on PC’s and Mac’s are application exploits.

    Since this program has experienced a exploit (or two) on the PC side, I’m not going to install it or anything that requires a administrative password (sudo) on my lovely secure out of the box Macintosh.

    Thanks Google though, ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  2. Meh so far.

    Spotlight + Mail.app with Gmail POP = great for me.

    Isn’t this a solution for a problem that didn’t exist? (Albeit welcome competition).

    Am I missing something? (I prefer LaunchBar over Quicksilver but in general never use my 3rd party apps after their novelty wears off).

  3. I automatically linked to Google after reading the article and downloaded the application. I was at the point of typing in my admin password for the install when I thought… “I better go back and read the comments at MDN before I do this.” Seems that I stop just in the nick of time. I also stopped because, though I wanted to see how Google desktop performed, I couldn’t figure out why I really needed it.

  4. Well, for some who are afraid of the boogieman – and don’t have a gmail account, then this app is most certainly not for you.

    But for those that want another version of apt search results, which includes results from your gmail account – this is a fantastic, feature-rich addition to the mac platform.

    It’s slightly different than spotlight, and has been integrated nicely.

    The power to search gmail within the OS is a wonderful, time saving feature for me. Someday, I hope to be organized enough that I don’t need something like this, but for now, with Spotlight there as well, it’s a real help.

    As far as the article posted above, there is nothing too susicious going on as far as processes and installation locations go from what I can see. And the fact it installs it for all users isn’t really a surprise either. I’m sure they will change that in upcoming versions.

    The google apps too are all updated by the Google Update, so I don’t see anything too odd about that either.

    Sometimes it seems we create major FUD within our own community. This doesn’t keep us safer necessarily, it potentially limits ours and others positive experiences.

  5. loller: “Isn’t this a solution for a problem that didn’t exist?”

    – That’s what most revolutionary inventions are, solutions to problems that didn’t exist. Everything else is just evolutionary inventions. But in this case you are correct, this is barely even evolutionary. But it is nice to see Google working hard to support the Mac.

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