Apple drops Cinema Display prices across the board

Apple today lowered the prices across its Cinema Display family which each offer a two-port, self-powered USB 2.0 hub, two FireWire 400 ports, a Kensington security port, and are VESA mount compatible.

30-inch Apple Cinema HD Display (2560 x 1600 resolution) drops from US$1999 to $1799
23-inch Apple Cinema HD Display (1920 x 1200 resolution) drops from $999 to $899
20-inch Apple Cinema Display (1680 x 1050 resolution) drops from $699 to $599

More info here.


  1. You aren’t kidding about being too high. Newegg has 8-10 differant 20″ monitors for under $300, and with better specs. If you just gotta have that Apple logo on your monitor, be prepared to be ripped off.

  2. ps I think I read in where was it…TIME Magazine I think, that Dell monitors give people tumors because of the cheap, low quality components that they use.
    Has this been your experience? Or are they fine apart from that ugly logo that stares at you all day saying…if you just payed a little more you could have a beautiful cinema display, but no, you were a tight ass, and now youre paying for it.

  3. jay…

    How many of those monitors have built-in FireWire 400 and USB2 hubs?

    I was hoping to see a new line of monitors with faster refresh rates and built-in iSights. Maybe next week?

    But, price reductions like these generally mean that new iron is in the pipeline.

    Maybe when Leopard is released.

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