Best Buy to expand Apple Mac sales from 50 to 200 stores

Best Buy, in the company’s Q4 07 conference call this morning, said during the question and answer session with analysts that they will expand the Apple Mac pilot program to approximately 200 of its stores in North America this year, up from approximately 50 stores currently.

Best Buy is North America’s No. 1 consumer electronics retail store chain with 822 retail locations in North America.

Best Buy’s Q4’07 Revenue and Earnings Conference Call here.

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  1. Good. Hopefully the local Best Buy will get some so they will have something to hook their AppleTVs up to.

    I went in there yesterday, and they had about 5 TVs stacked at the end of a shelf, nothing but a price tag under it.

    What? They can hook it up to a PC? I don’t think they are stupid enough to have a demo PC hooked to a plasma just so people can watch it freeze up. Yep, wait for the Mac Attack, and use one of them.

  2. At my local BB, they have about an acre of PC desktops and laptop displayed in a big open area with designer furniture, lots of lighting,etc. As expected with this pilot program was announced, I found the “Mac section” relegated to about a four foot stretch in the next aisle. You know, your basic big-box dingey, dark aisle with the mousepads and joysticks. Best Buy won’t do a lot for Mac sales. I frankly don’t know why they are expanding this program. It appears that it more of a bother to them than anything— “Oh crap, we’ve gotta double up the ink supply rack so we squeeze in one MacBook and an iMac.”

  3. Just so you know that name is the shortened version – our full name is “Best Buy It Someplace Else”

    MW: hundred as in Best Buy should be able to contribute a hundred or so sales to this year’s Apple total sales numbers.

  4. Just to let you know I bought my Mac at BB last month. They had an Apple rep and there aren’t any Apple stores within 50 miles of here. If it hadn’t been for that rep I never would have taken a deeper look (and purchased) my Mac.

    Having these units at BB helps sales especially in those areas with no Apple stores.

    More stores is good…

  5. I’ve purchased 5 Macs over the last 5 years, and only one of them came from an Apple Store. Whether you personally like BB or not, there is definitely a market and a place for having them available at other retailers. The more the better.

  6. Bandit Bill:
    “Sorry if having Macs at Best Buy makes you feel less exclusive. Quit being a snob.”

    Old Coot:
    “Having these units at BB helps sales especially in those areas with no Apple stores.”

    I’m a proud card carrying long time Mac user fan boy of Apple. That said, I could care less if Macs sold in vending machines if people wanted to buy them that way. My long standing concern over having Macs in big box retail stores that also sell PCs is that Macs are rarely presented in a good light.. stuck in corners, not turned on or working, sales people who have no idea how they work or what they can do, etc.

    If you found yours that way, Old Coot, that’s fabulous and I hope you love it, but there’s a good reason Apple opened all those expensive retails stores to sell their computers themselves.

  7. I’ve seen people walk by the iMacs in a Best Buy and admire them. Their comment was “oh, so this is a Mac, it looks nice”.
    Yeh, you’d be surprised how many people haven’t even seen a Mac (physically) (like myself, up until a few months ago when my brother got a MacBook, the lucky bastard…), and they do tend to have a good effect once seen in person.

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