Apple TV ships

Apple Store“After an initial delay, Apple TV finally may be on the way,” Priya Ganapati reports for

Ganapati reports, “Many Apple customers report that their credit cards are finally being charged for the product, a sign that the company just might meet its deadline of ‘mid-March.'”

“Apple had indicated that TV orders would likely ship on March 20,” Ganapati reports.

Ganapati reports, “Though Apple TV has been overshadowed by the iPhone, which was also unveiled at Macworld at the beginning of 2007, the set-top box could offer a significant boost to the company’s fortunes.”

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MacDailyNews Note: Since Tuesday, multiple MacDailyNews readers also have reported having their credit cards charged for their Apple TV orders. Apple customer service says that credit cards are only actually charged when the product is “ready for shipping.”

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  1. According to Apple my order hasn’t shipped yet…. also there was a pending bank transaction from Apple yesterday but it never completely processed and was never debited from my account.

    What kind of headline is this? Apple TV ships? not so much.

  2. Lets see what the naysayes have to say in the future

    Well, hey, if your cup of tea is buying video after video off iTunes so you can watch via AppleTV, have a blast. I can’t imagine enjoying that. If AppleTV continues to be a huge seller after the early adopters snap it up, I guess that means people love buying sub-DVD quality video. We’ll see.

  3. If we think that Apple TV will only provide the functionality that we’re aware of today, I think we’ll soon be proven very wrong. This is surely a very strategic product, and to think it’s as limited as many believe, is to not understand Apple Inc.

  4. I like the Coverflow music interface on my TV in my living room, but $299 is too expensive for that. If I could download 720p movies with DTS surround sound, then I’d be all in. I’d rather have this than a Blu-Ray/HD DVD machine.

  5. LordRobin wrote on Mar 15, 07 – 04:14 pm:”…I guess that means people love buying sub-DVD quality video. We’ll see.”

    Seeing as how the ITMS video comes out 6 months earlier than the DVD and in far better quality than I get on cable, you bet I’d rather watch that. But I guess there are also the people that want to wait 6 months or watch sub-iTunes quality video with commercials.

  6. It’s all about Podcasts.

    Why watch NBC Nightly News on tv with commercials when you can watch it on Apple TV anytime you want w/o commercials via Podcast? Now, think about all the other possibilities……and who says they can’t stream from iTunes for live events in the future, up the quality, or even gaming…..lots of possibilites

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