Apple wins 10 International Forum design awards

“Apple won 10 design awards today at the International Forum in Hannover, Germany,” reports.

“Apple took seven iF Gold Awards (iPod, iPod nano 2G, MacBook Pro, MacBook, iPod Hi-Fi, iPod Radio Remote, iPod Leather Case) and 3 Product Design Award (Wireless Mighty Mouse, Apple Remote, iPod shuffle 2G),” reports.

Full article (in Italian) here.

Google translation here.


  1. That automatic translation is rubbish. Doesn’t the Google translation engine know the word ‘giuria’ (=’jury’)?

    My favourite bit has to be, ‘The Industrial Design of Apple has made man low, as every year happens.’

    I also like, “E’ a true one only appeals to also to hold it in hand…”, which should surely be simply, ‘It’s also a real pleasure just to hold it in your hand’. I know that machine translation is a non-trivial problem, but this scarcely seems any better than just looking up each word in a dictionary.

    And this from a strategic partner of Apple…

  2. @Sky Lark,

    I’m in the UK. That’s Lindfield in west Sussex, rather than the one in Australia.


    Italian really is a beautiful language; the only one I know where just counting to 100 sounds like poetry. However, I think something was lost in the translation this time… and some of the mistakes would be trivial to put right. For example, the Italian è (= ‘is’, or ‘it is’, ‘he is’, ‘she is’…) is routinely TYPED as e’, because it’s easier to use an apostrophe instead of the accent. It’s not ‘right’, but it’s very common and perfectly well understood. However, the Google translation engine doesn’t seem to know this, so it leaves the E’ untranslated, treats the word ‘vero’ as a noun instead of an adjective, and then it’s all downhill from there. I’ve just checked the Systran translation widget, and that does the same thing. Sheesh.

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