Apple sees 36.8 million unique Web visitors in February

Apple StorecomScore Media Metrix today released its monthly analysis of U.S. consumer activity at top online properties and categories for February 2007:

In February, Yahoo! Sites remained at the number one position, attracting more than 128 million unique visitors, while Google Sites moved up one spot to number three with nearly 115 million unique visitors. Gorilla Nation enjoyed a nine spot jump to number 15, increasing 23 percent from January. With the onset of tax season, entered the Top 50 Properties ranking in February at number 32, drawing more than 17 million unique visitors.

Apple Inc. was lucky #13 for February, with 36,767,000 unique visitors, followed by CNET Networks at #14 with 29,881,000 uniques.

Full Top 50 list and more metrics here.

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  1. Apple’s little secret

    dashboardadvisory deamon contacts Apple’s main web page twice a day to verify your widgets.

    Now you know why.

    How? Install Little Snitch and remove all the default settings and go from there.

    Surprise, surprise.

  2. I’m curious to know if visits to the iTunes music store are included in the total number of unique visitors to an “Apple, Inc.” site (not specifically).

    Also, similar to what Microsoft does, Apple sets as the default home page in Safari. How many Mac users don’t bother to change the default home page? Should those visits be considered unintentional?

  3. That ain’t the half of it.

    Intel based Mac’s have EFI and a GUID partiion on the hard drive.

    “EFI also has its own networking, so it can be used for remote diagnostics.”

    “EFI is almost entirely written in the (easy) C programming language and allows additions to be created using standard (easily accessed by anyone) programming tools.

    Such additions can include much more detailed and useful diagnostics, self-configuration programs, and ways to sort out problems even if the operating system has died.”

    “Because EFI has its own filing system that lives on a reserved part of the hard disk, it can become the standard home for a whole set of utilities that have always had an awkward fit with the BIOS.”

    “Digital rights management and security designers also have an interest in EFI because it gives them a new level of control over the hardware.”


    US Patent for anti-virus software residing in EFI – #6907524

  4. Some of you may be missing sommething. It is unique visitors. How do they count them. Is it by IP addy or by MAC addy?

    If by IP addy then each system visiiting is only counted once per month no matter how many times you visit unless your IP addy changes. this also means large domains like corporations are only counted once because the routers Ip is counted, and not the internal Ips like 10.x.x.x. So my company wth its 8000+ systems could all visit with only one count recorded.

    If by Mac Addy then each system is only counted once even if on a dynamic IP system. So my company would count each system, but a home user with a dynamic IP would only be counted once no matter how many visits.

  5. because whether there are checks by widgets and EFI or not, the quantity of those regular checks is times less that 37 million of unique users — only Macintoshes that are active.

    Also, Google Desktop, as well as Microsoft software, as well as Yahoo contractual add-ons also have the same updates techniques and in bigger scale than Apple.

    So no ‘surprise, surprise’ here.

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