10.4.9 – the longest wait for any Mac OS X update – 165 days

“When Apple released the highly anticipated Mac OS X 10.4.9 update on March 13, 2007, it marked the longest time between any Mac OS X version. It took Apple 165 days to release the update, or in other words, five months and thirteen days,” Switch To A Mac reports. “Does 10.4.9 mark the last and final update to Tiger?”

Full article, including a chart detailing all Mac OS X version release dates and number of days between versions, here.

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  1. I don’t think a release that only adds stability and fixes (no significant new features) would be called “highly anticipated.” Now, if this was Vista, I suppose a bug fix and stability release (aka “service pack”) would be highly anticipated indeed.

    Mac OS X has steadily evolved since its initial release. It seems natural that after four point (cat name) releases and countless interim updates, the code would become so stable that Apple can go almost half a year without a “point point” update.

    Also, there were many more “security” updates in between. I’m sure there are security fixes in 10.4.9, and there were probably non-security fixes in the security updates.

  2. who thinks of this stuff?
    some guy with no life or friends, just decides to do a chart about when every update happened?

    I say to all you statisticians(sp)
    get a life!
    and I’ll go to spelling school

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