BusinessWeek: Microsoft’s Windows Vista is ‘slow and dangerous’

Apple Store“When I write a column, I almost never feel I have had enough time using the product under review. Even in the rare instance in which deadlines aren’t bearing down, I often realize later on that I’ve missed a fair amount. In the case of Microsoft’s Windows Vista, flaws that I thought would grow less annoying with extended use have actually become more troublesome,” Stephen H. Wildstrom reports for BusinessWeek.

“Most of the time I spent testing Vista was with sluggish pre-release versions. I expected things to improve when I ran the finished software on PCs configured for the new Windows version. I now realize that Vista really is slow unless you throw a lot of hardware at it. Microsoft claims it will run with 512 megabytes of memory. I had recommended a minimum of a gigabyte, but 2 GB is more like it if you want snappy performance. This is especially true if you’re also running resource-hungry Microsoft Office 2007,” Wildstrom reports.

Wildstrom reports, “The most exasperating thing about Vista, though, is the security feature called User Account Control. UAC, satirized in an Apple ad as a security guy who constantly interrupts a conversation, appears as a pop-up asking permission before Windows will do a number of things: change system settings, install programs, or update antivirus software. UAC may well be necessary to block malicious programs from secretly installing themselves or hijacking your browser settings. But Microsoft has designed it to drive you nuts.”

Wildstrom reports, “There’s a real danger here: UAC is such a nag that many folks will just turn it off, which Microsoft has made quite easy to do [and which] severely weakens Vista’s defenses.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Judge Bork” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: Yet another very good Vista review. Very good for Apple, that is.

Apple “Get a Mac” ad – Security:

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  1. “..BusinessWeek: Microsoft’s Windows Vista is ‘slow and dangerous…..”

    uhhhh hasn’t it always been the case ?

    Cant wait to see the running totals of all the malware this new Virus-magnet attracts !! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”LOL” style=”border:0;” />

    MW=”earth” … as in … You actually bought Vista ?? … What on earth were you thinking ??

  2. “…..Does that make Mac ‘fast and furious’….”

    Yup… and I would also add “safe” ..too !

    MW = “brown” …. Hey Zune Tang … yer fone is ringin’ !! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”LOL” style=”border:0;” />

  3. With Windows Vista, Microsoft is forcing a hardware upgrade on the masses.

    The cheap PC box builders are pleased of course, but just wait until the malware comes out in force.

    Then they will see Vista is no better than XP w/SP2

    Already, Windows Defender Pretender only catches around 80% of malware.

    And weighing in at 30GB, (vs 4-6GB for Mac OS X), Vista leaves a lot of lines of code to be exploited.

    Thanks Microsoft!

  4. Global Warming is a fact.

    Over the course of history the Earth has had periods of warming and cooling.

    But only since the end of WWII has the temperatures and CO2 levels risen higher than ever before in Earths history.

    Remember Egypt at one time was a lush and fertile land, now it’s a desert.

    I’ll still vote Republican anyway.

  5. ron,
    Basing behavior on any one of the sides of a scientific controversy (if any) is silly, especially when your main information channel is a documentary. What’s wise, is to be safe rather than sorry.
    good luck driving your suv to the supermarket.

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