Apple’s iPhoto consumes an unbelievable amount of disk space

“Have you ever wondered where all those gigabytes went between the moment you bought a new Mac and the moment you looked at the amount of free disk space after using the computer for a while? Sure, formatting wastes some space, and it’s only natural that some more is lost when translating new and improved gigabytes back to classic gigabytes. But the real culprit is iPhoto. This application uses such an unbelievable amount of disk space, that we can only conclude Apple’s iPhoto group is receiving kickbacks from the hard drive manufacturing industry,” Iljitsch van Beijnum reports for Ars Technica.

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  1. look where the most of iPhoto’s usage is….

    It’s in the cache that it makes of iPod sized photos. Every pic, big or small, gets made into a 176k image that iTunes downloads to the iPod. This pre-digested image is just the right size for a 4g iPod to display efficently and scroll through quickly.

    Does the 5g iPod make a bigger image? I might because it has a bigger screen.

  2. Of all the iProducts, iPhoto is the worst hands down. It’s slow, not nearly as intuitive as the rest of the apps, and bloated. I hope the next revision of the iLife suite offers a massive overhaul of iPhoto.

  3. Who cares? HD space is cheap.

    My iMac has a 250GB drive, my iPhoto has about 8,000 current pictures in it. In total, I have about 190GB available. Not going to fill that up anytime soon.

    I have also gotten into the habit of archiving older photographs to CD (or DVD), but iPhoto can handle up to 250,000 photos.

    So other photo management apps on the market don’t take up a lot of space either? Do they have some magic compression scheme or something?

  4. Hey, what’s wrong with you guys? I find iPhoto to work perfectly well with the thousands of images that I have scaled to 1024×768 jpeg high quality (~400k a piece max). iPhoto lets me take my pix with me on the road, etc. It’s great for what it’s made for: consumer-grade, small camera, low megapixel images.

    I use Aperture (at home) and Lightroom (on the go) to manage my main photo libraries off my boot drives.

    iPhoto is not meant to handle thousands of RAW or high megapixel images – no wonder HD space is going to fill up fast and poor iPhoto acts like it’s a sloth on the run.

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