Apple MacBook battery catches fire

“Apple finds itself in a peculiar situation after a MacBook in Australia catches fire, apparently from a malfunctioning battery. However, the battery was not on the list of recalled units,” Ed Oswald reports for BetaNews.

Oswald reports, “The report, first posted on the Australian Mac enthusiast site MacTalk, indicates that the user awoke in the middle of the night to find the laptop on fire. According to witness accounts, before the fire started, a hissing sound and large amounts of smoke poured out of the device. Damage was confined to the laptop along with the bookshelf it was placed on and some magazines nearby.”

Oswald reports, “It is not immediately clear what Apple may do in response to the issue, as requests for comment went unanswered as of press time. However, the issue once again highlights the quality control issues in some laptop batteries produced by Sony, Apple’s supplier.”

Full article with photo and links here.

MacDailyNews Take: So far, an isolated incident. We’ll keep watch to see if other similar reports surface.

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  1. I think Apple should request the machine for evaluation and send the owner a replacement ASAP. It would be good PR and also would allow Apple to quickly work out the root cause of this seemingly isolated incident.

    Following the investigation, Apple should return his HD to him (if it still has readable data on it).

    just my thoughts right off the cuff

  2. What? How can this be? I thought only crappy Dell laptops caught on fire?!?!?!? Yes, that was a sarcastic comment about how MDN usually takes great delight in pointing out the “inferior” quality of other company’s products.

  3. Considering G3 laptops, G4 laptops (and probably G5 for sure if they ever existed) and now (probably) Dual Core laptops have all had battery re-calls, its time to pull the plug on Sony as Apple did to IBM for PowerPC.

    Enough is enough.

  4. A bolt of lighting also killed a dog the same damn day. Who cares. A renegade battery and it gets panting, breaking news status.

    expect all kinds of panicky, dumbass responses by a whole range of idiots, starting with the press.

  5. Hmm…wonder why would happen if it was a Dell that caught fire. I can figure anyway. Benevolence with ones and no-tolerance with others. Quite typical…

    Flame away (well, that’s what I suppose will happen), literally, of course!

  6. JustCantBe,

    Moron, the common denominator is SONY. Not Dell. Not Apple. Not Toshiba or any other laptop maker.

    Apple: dump SONY batteries! You should’ve dumped them after the last round of fires.

  7. Extra-Extra- Bush catches fire in the Australian Outback. Isolated incident. On a similar note, Mac laptop catches fire on shelf. Isolated incident. Which one will be reported around the planet?

  8. A bolt of lighting also killed a dog the same damn day. Who cares

    Well, c YOU would $!%*ing care if it burnt your house down and trapped your kid upstairs who then died of smoke inhalation.

  9. did anyone notice the magazine is burnt in the same place as the macbook!!! looks like the numb nuts left it underneath the macbook!! thats a cause of a fire to me, overheating without ventalilation. thats what the 4 raised bumps are suppose to help do!!!

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