InfoWorld: 9,000 people switch to Apple Mac every day (plus testing ‘Embrace and Extinguish’)

“By my calculations, based on Steve Jobs’ claim that half of all Macs are sold to first-time buyers, roughly 9,000 people switch to the Mac every day. They’re buying new iMacs, MacBooks, MacBook Pros and Mac Pros, most of which come in at sticker prices of $1,200 and up, plus add-ons. With OS X Leopard and iPhone hitting in June, I expect all hell and hallelujah to knock over those fence-sitting switchers. I’m looking forward to that,” Tom Yager reports for InfoWorld.

Yager reports, “What makes the 9,000 number so impressive is the courage of the users switching from Windows. Let’s face it: Words such as ‘friendly’ and ‘intuitive’ don’t easily tip the scales against ‘familiar’ for professional users who have been running Windows their entire careers. It becomes ingrained that the only roles a platform’s core GUI needs to fulfill are authentication, program launching, and file management. It’s counterintuitive to many professional Windows users that system software should do anything more than that.”

“I know someone who is of that very mind-set. She has used Windows since 3.0 and has never seen any reason to use anything else. Her computer, she says, is a tool, not a toy (jab); she needs neither a point-and-click nursemaid nor eye candy, and she’s too busy to see how that other half lives just for the sake of broadening her horizons. I can’t argue with any of that. These are the unmistakable words of a hardcore non-switcher,” Yager reports.

Yager reports, “Nonetheless, I piqued her curiosity when she happened by while I was working a project that brought together the UNIX command line, X Window, Windows, OS X, and Mac application resources. I was running a two-headed Mac Pro, and she said that I made it all look so easy. That’s as much credit as she’s ever given a Mac. I saw in that an opportunity.”

Full article — the beginning of Yager’s interesting and fun test — here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “LinuxGuy and Mac Prodigal Son” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: Embrace and extinguish tested once again. We look forward to finding out Yager’s results, although, as you can see below, we already have a good idea of what will transpire.

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  1. According to IDC’s latest numbers, in the US, Apple has about 10% of the notebook market and about 4-5% of the desktop market. We’ll see what impact Leopard has on those numbers later this year.

  2. This growth will not be linear…..but exponential…Once people see the Mac in operation they want one.

    Here’s my story…my wife’s sister (medical student) first got one early last year a mackbook. Her boyfriend liked, so he got one later that year(2006). She came to our house over the holiday break Dec 2006.

    The whole family had a lot of fun making pictures with photo booth, songs, playing some games and all…she showed us all the silly pictures her and class mates made…

    My wife and I had a baby boy on Dec 28, 2006…we took a lot pictures…My wife ‘s sister edited the pictures on her MacBook and they looked great…so I put the new pics up on my Yahoo Photos account…and sent out an email to all my friends and family to take a look.

    Lots of people replied, and wanted to know how those pics were made…I told them on the MacBook…the lots of questions started about Macs..

    Early January…I decided to switch from windows and bought a MacBook Pro. Its a great platform for computer science majors…Now my wife and kids want we are buying a Mac Mini in March when Leopard is released.

    My Mom surprised me last week and bought an iMac from the Apple Store in St. Louis.

    My Wife’s Brother a Computer Engineer, is switching from Windows and buying a Mac also in March when Leopard comes out.

    My comp. science advisor, bought A MacBook 6 months ago…Now has just bought a MacBook Pro last week. My Computer Science TA bought a MacBook last semester.

    Many people in our department already have MacBooks or MacBook Pros.

    It will be an exponential growth…as people show it off to others, many of them will want one.

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