Apple delays Apple TV; expects to begin shipments mid-March

Apple StoreApple Inc. “will delay until mid-March its Apple TV device for playing computer-based video on television sets, a spokeswoman said on Monday,” Reuters reports.

“‘Wrapping up Apple TV is taking a few weeks longer than we projected, and we now expect to begin shipments mid-March,’ spokeswoman Lynn Fox said by email,” Reuters reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: [UPDATED 9:15pm EST: Apple’s U.S. online store has bee updated to state, “Ships: Mid March” on the Apple TV page.

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  1. Maybe we’ll never know what the problem is here, but I hope they don’t make too much of a habit of delaying things. Then again, its not like they’ll ever have a 5 year delay on any products ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”LOL” style=”border:0;” />
    Who knows, maybe we’ll get some added goodies as a result of the wait.

  2. Hmmm….is it delayed because of snags in manufacturing/logistics/marketing etc.? Or is that an excuse they’re giving because Apple TV would have given stark pointers to new integrated features in Leopard? Perhaps they’ve decided that it’s more in the company’s interest to launch it coincidentally with the new OS in order to maximize the impact (ie, embarrassing Microsoft) and cement in the public’s collective mind the notion that Leopard is a much more advanced system than Vista (“You’ve come to a sad realization. Cancel or allow?”). Interesting times indeed…

  3. They’re not delaying it because of Leopard- so few people will even have Leopard even after it ships that it makes no sense. Apple TV HAS to be fully compatible with Tiger (if not also Jaguar). Maybe they need to update changes for these OSes and/or they found some bugs which needed to be fixed. In any case, as noted above, a 2 week delay is MUCH better than shipping a buggy device.

  4. MacMan,

    I certainly wasn’t suggesting that they’re delaying it because it’s functionality requires Leopard; far from it. It’s available for PC’s after all. I was merely postulating that perhaps some facet of it’s interface could be a pointer to what we can expect in Leopard.

    I strongly believe that Apple is convinced that Leopard’s interface is so far ahead of Vista’s that they don’t want any hints about it to leak out until Leopard actually launches. Jobs wants to embarrass Microsoft by making Vista look like last century technology, and Apple could conceivably have delayed the release of Apple TV for maximum marketing impact.

    After all, iPhone was like a punch to the solar plexus as far as it’s competitors were concerned. So powerful and totally unexpected that it was days before they could respond with weak FUD. I believe that even Apple was taken aback by the popular reaction to it. They’re probably hoping to replicate another such dinosaur-killer impact in the form of Leopard.

  5. OH NO! Apple is delaying a product that they promised! Proof that they’ve become another Monopoly! Let’s load the boats and all move to Linux!

    …wait a second, this happened before by Apple… and it all worked out… mebbe I’m over reacting, let me take my meds and I’ll get back to you.

  6. I am not surprised. The pre-production unit that was demonstrated at MacWorld had not even been localized to the languages that Apple normally supports. That was a clear indication that there was still a lot of work to do on the software front.

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