Video shows upcoming iPod Firmware Update to feature Cover Flow?

According to a video posted by gizmodo on YouTube, Apple’s iPod “will have its firmware updated soon, now featuring the Cover Flow view seen on iTunes.”

Direct link to YouTube video:

[Attribution: Gizmodo.]
Real or fake?


  1. Coverflow is one of those neat ideas in theory that is just so annoying in practice. It’s so much faster and accurate to scroll over a list of names rather than fly past images. Sexy? Yes.
    Useful? No.

  2. That would be nice, except it would be nicer if it had the reverse view too (like on iPhone). I vote the video to be fake, but would like to be proven wrong. It would be kinda strange to just put coverflow in there without changing the rest of the gui. I would love to see apple release a new gui (iPhone style) for leopard that extends across to the iPod too, that would be so soo nice.

    Hmm….Why are these videos always blurry?

  3. Cleverboy in the Gizmodo comments section:

    LOL. Guys… this is the same iPod video nonesense people have been jerking folks around with for a while. There will BE NO COVERFLOW on the current generation iPod. NONE. The iPhone runs MacOS X and uses Core Animation, therefore, COVERFLOW. The existing iPod DO NOT run MacOS X. It is an easier, and more sensible expense for Apple to develop a method to run current generation GAMES on the iPhone, than to mystically make Coverflow backwards compatible with the 5 and 5.5 generation iPod.

    If you love these tricks, you’re going to LOVE the tricks people will be playing when the iPhone is released. Hey, look at me, I’m running Vista on my iPhone!!! Now I’m playing Halo using Touchscreen! I am l33t!

    I’m going to compile a list of iPod video pranks for people at some point. It’s really funny what people will believe.

  4. On second watch… it does rather look like the touch wheel doesn’t match up with his finger that well, especially at the end when he goes to select a song to play. He scrolls down on the click wheel but it stays on the first song.

    Bummer… ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” /> Have to wait for the 6G

  5. Even my iMac slows down using CoverFlow. Of course, I have the cover images set to be about 800 pixels tall.

    On my old laptop with a P3 and integrated graphics card, when the artwork is the size of a shuffle it doesn’t really lag. It can barely handle iPod videos (640×480, 1500 mbps H.264) but can do coverflow with small album art just fine, so I don’t think it would be that hard for the iPod, which does iPod-size video no problem, to do coverflow with no problem. Besides, the artwork is gonna be optimized for the iPod, which would make it about 200 pixels tall, so there’s probably little chance it would lag.

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