Enderle: With Mac OS X Leopard, Apple focused to take Vista out at the knees

“For some time, I’ve known that Apple has a plan to attack Vista head on, and we’ve seen parts of that in Apple’s Mac vs. PC advertisements. Apple has also apparently promoted videos that position Vista as a Tiger clone on sites like YouTube,” Rob Enderle writes for TechNewsWorld.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple enthusiasts make those videos, Rob. Apple doesn’t need to promote them because their users do it because they love the platform and/or hate to see bad upside-down and backwards simulations of it passed off as “innovation” by Microsoft. Yes, we understand such a thing as dedicated users must sound extremely alien to a Microsoft Windows sufferer.

Enderle continues, “Apple is trying to get people to accept that Vista and Tiger are almost identical before it obsoletes Tiger and positions Leopard as a better — read vastly more advanced and easier to use — choice than Vista.”

MacDailyNews Take: Apple is not “trying to get people to accept that Vista and Tiger are almost identical.” Because they’re not. According to many independent reviews, Tiger outshines Vista even though Apple released it two years ago.

Enderle continues, “I understand what Apple has done to Leopard visually with animation, and video is way over the top. Given a hardware refresh is overdue, I’m still expecting a massive Apple hardware refresh when Leopard officially lunches [sic]. These animation and video elements will cross from the OS into applications — which have been held back to support the launch — like iLife and iWork, showcasing the mistake that Microsoft may have made separating Office 2007 from Vista.”

“However — and this is where the real power is — if I’m reading Apple correctly, it will be showcasing a level of Windows interoperability that has never been seen from the Mac before, and without leveraging Office for the Mac,” Enderle writes. “Specifically, Leopard will plug directly into Exchange and may have a level of compatibility with the Office document formats we haven’t seen outside of Corel’s WordPerfect Office.”

“The last time I saw an effort to displace the PC with Macs in business fail, the cause was the lack of Exchange compatibility. If this is fixed, we could see Macs actually move in business again,” Enderle writes. “Leopard and its surrounding applications have been focused almost specifically to take Vista out at the knees, and I don’t think we’ve seen either Microsoft or Apple with this kind of focused effort on the other — ever.”

“This is all supposed to happen at the end of March, when the post-launch problems with Vista are at their peak and Microsoft is the most vulnerable. Apple isn’t large enough to terminally hurt Microsoft, but if it is successful, the combination of financial damage and embarrassment it does to the much larger company could be unprecedented,” Enderle writes. “The only problem for Apple is that it may sting Microsoft hard enough for that company to finally focus again on Apple and the desktop — and that, my friends, could be great for Windows users and PC OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), but not that great for Apple in the long term.”

Full article, in which Enderle actually writes that “Dell’s XPS brand and new 27-inch monitor are as distinctive and good-looking as anything Apple offers,” please Think Before You Click™, here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dion” for the heads up.]
Enderle, as usual, vastly underestimates Apple’s size and power while vastly overestimating Microsoft’s ability to focus and execute. Because Enderle himself has no taste, he fails to account for the negative that is Microsoft’s inherent lack of taste – a growing negative with the general public growing more design focused and savvy every day. Microsoft can focus all they want, but if they’re not focusing on the right things — and because they have no taste or attention to detail or the end user — they end up with things like MS Bob.

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  1. Enderle is a idiot.

    Apple is in no position to take out Microsoft, we Mac fans realize that.

    Apple’s OS is tied to their profitable hardware and there isn’t anyway Apple could replace Dell, HP and all the other wannabe PC makers the world over overnight in production.

    What we would like to see is more profitable sales of Apple hardware, our collective shares rise and Apple can leave the low margin aspect of the computing market to bargin basement PC’s and inferior Windows software.

  2. This guy Enderle must live in some kind of bubble. So out of touch with what is actually happening on the Apple front. Maybe we could call him “Bubble Boy”. He’such a hoot to read from what I can gather in MDN’s synopsis.

  3. The “idiot Enderle®” speaks, and people, as always laugh…

    If I didn’t know he had no talent and John Hodgman, did, I would swear he must write John Hodgman’s lines on the Daily Show and as “PC”.!

  4. >”Dell’s XPS brand and new 27-inch monitor are as distinctive and good-looking as anything Apple offers,”>

    Some people’s taste is all in their mouths.

    Is that a correct punctuation? -people’s

  5. He’s not a complete idiot, only mostly an idiot.

    He is right though that Macs need to be able to integrate with Exchange before there is any hope for more penetration into the business market.

  6. “”For some time, I’ve known that Apple has a plan to attack Vista head on,”

    He pretends he’s privy to some information the rest of us are not.

    Dear Rob. No Duh.
    -the world

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