Hidden iPhone details from Jobs’ keynote

Vincent Nguyen, writing for My iPhone, explains “a few more things about the iPhone. There are four key items discussed in the video, calendar application, how to view traffic on Google Maps, another method of scrolling through long lists and finally how the ringtones play a role in iTunes and the iPhone.”

“Steve Jobs did not demo the Calendar application because it was not completed in time for Macworld. The speculation around adding new events on the fly seemed to be ‘no, calendar doesn’t allow creating new events on the fly.’ In light of new information, there’s a ‘plus’ button on the upper right hand corner of the application. We can assume pressing this button triggers the action of adding a new event,” Nguyen writes.

More buttons located and discussed, with screenshots and video, here.


  1. :-X ,

    I think it’s possible that tracks bought from the iTS can be used as ringtones. Would be a little dumb on Apple’s part to not tap into this market of gullible kids who are willing to pay $3 bucks for a ringtone (at least that’s what they pay in Germany, the idiots!) Apple would immediately own the ringtone market if they allowed that.

  2. I disagree with the video on one point:

    I don’t think Apple is going to start selling ringtones – I think the Ringtones tab will be where you configure rigntones, which can be any audio clip from your iTunes library. You’ll probably be able to do all the standard stuff like associate certain clips to certain people or groups, have generic rings, etc.

  3. …Would be a little dumb on Apple’s part to not tap into this market…

    Apple ain’t Microsoft. I’m relying on a modicum of taste here, because ringtones are trivial. The only business model that has legs is a piss-the-user-off subscription model for n ringtones a week, where the user is too lazy to stop the continuing charges or too stupid to read the fine print. Yeah, yeah, it amounts to big business and all that, but it is a tasteless business. Better sell ’em an iTunes track or let them use their own creations/sound-clips. What next…a DRM layer in bluetooth for ringtones?

  4. This just in: plus button in calendar.

    Way to state the obvious. Otherwise, it would be the dumbest smart phone evar. Even the iPod syncs both ways.

    This just in, get directions button in googlemaps. Wow, now that’s what I call personalization. They really worked closely, them two, to get an additional feature not already found on the existing googlemaps phones.

    This just in — a ringtone tab in iTunes. Whether the user can create them, or apple is selling, is only guessed, but yup, there are ringtones! Just like every phone made.

    Well, that was some close keynote watching. Lemmie tell ya.

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