Steve Jobs & Rush Limbaugh agree: U.S. public schools are ‘unionized in the worst possible way’

Rush Limbaugh spoke about Apple CEO Steve Jobs take on U.S. public education and unions today with quotes from April Castro’s article for the Associated Press:

In Austin, Texas, last week, “Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs lambasted teacher unions Friday, claiming no amount of technology in the classroom would improve public schools until principals could fire bad teachers.” He compared skrools to businesses with principals serving as CEOs. “’What kind of person could you get to run a small business if you told them that when they came in they couldn’t get rid of people that they thought weren’t any good?’ he asked to loud applause during an education reform conference.”

The bottom line here is when he says, “I believe what’s wrong with our schools in this nation is that they’ve become unionized in the worst possible way,” conservatives and just plain people with any common sense have been saying this for decades, but could they get put into the headlines of a story? No. Only if you’re a big lib, only if you’re a big Democrat, do you get applauded for this kind of talk.

I am happy and proud to be on the same page with Steve Jobs. The way to put it is, I’m happy and proud he’s on the same page with me. If he finds out I agree with him, he might change his mind. But I mean this is classic. This is an AP story. Do you know how many average, ordinary American people have been saying this? Do you know how many political candidates on the Republican side have been saying this, and when they say it, they get tarred and feathered and the NEA comes after ’em? Jobs says it, “Wow, why, we must really think about this. Why, there might be something here that we haven’t considered before,” blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Full transcript here.

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  1. Eric:

    “Yeah, Rush, isn’t it funny that when you are a loudmouthed, arrogant, obnoxious blowhard that noone listens to you (except people who think exactly the same way you do) and when someone who is accomplished, respected and admired (Steve Jobs) speaks, people listen.”

    You know Rush Limbaugh has the most-listened to radio show in the U.S. with something like 20 million listeners, don’t you? As for people listening to Steve Jobs, Rush did remark about how funny it was that the media reported what Jobs said when conservatives have been saying it for years.

  2. Hmmmm…….. I would have totally thought MDN would use one of the much-less-than-flattering photos for someone like Rush… but I was apparently wrong.

    A hint of MDN’s political allegiance? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  3. “Those who start by burning books finish by burning men.”

    WOW. You are soooo right about that (and this is coming from one who has done extensive studying of such bloodbaths as the Inquisition and Reformation).

  4. I come from a family with seven kids, all of us went to public school, have multiple degrees and/or advanced degrees in science and engineering with the exception of one brother who only has a bachelor degree.

    All (or most) of you went through the public school system pre-Columbine, correct?

    I’m a teen of the 80’s. The worse we’d have were kids smoking in the bathroom or sneaking a beer into the parking lot. The only time you saw a cop was for the occasional morning fender bender. Lock-downs were unheard of. Thank GOD I graduated when I did!

    There are tremendous opportunities in schools today, but also equally tremendous distractions. Unions and protected-for-life teachers are just a sliver of the problem. A very broken society, psychotic PlayStation Generation kids, and anarchic classrooms, IMO, point to much more serious underlying problems.

  5. Don’t forget that bad administrators need to go to. Administration consumes an enormous amount of school budgets. My parents are both teachers, highly respected by their student’s parents and fellow teachers, but they go through the most insane nightmares dealing with their school’s administrators.

    MW=Carried. I’ll try to get carried away with this topic…

  6. I agree with Jobs. It starts because of laziness. I went to consult at a school district back in the early 90’s. A new superintendent just came on board. One of the first things they asked him was to do something about “Sylvia” who had been having excessive absences from her first day of her employment. He asked them, “How long has Sylvia been working here?” They answered, “35 years”.

    It’s laziness. No one has evaluated education personnel effectively for years. So they get tenure and it’s tough to get rid of them. It takes patience, time, and dedication to evaluate teachers effectively. Two out of three won’t do. Teachers unions kick and scream if they are held to hard and quantifiable measures making excuses for parents, bad family situations, etc.

    Don’t blame the teachers. Very few Administrators are able to manage the educational process in the school. Call me. I can help.

  7. Early one morning, a mother went in to wake up her son. “Wake up, son. It’s time to go to school!” 
    “But why, Mom? I don’t want to go.” 
    “Give me two reasons why you don’t want to go”, the mother said.
    “Well, the kids hate me for one, and the teachers hate me, too!” 
    “Oh, that’s no reason not to go to school. Come on now and get ready.” 
    ”Mom, then you give me two reasons why I should go to school.” 
    “Well, for one, you’re 52 years old.
    And number two, you’re the Principal!”

  8. Hmmmm…….. I would have totally thought MDN would use one of the much-less-than-flattering photos for someone like Rush… but I was apparently wrong.

    A hint of MDN’s political allegiance?

    MDN is renowned for its pro-bush stance. The fact that Rush is a Mac-head makes them giddy.

    I love the site, but seeing that racist, draft-dodging, hate-spewing, hypocritical drug addict makes my large intestine want to leap up through my neck and throttle my brain*.

    *All credit to Douglas Adams, another noted Mac-Head.

  9. CounterCop
    “It’s glib and fascile for both Jobs and Limbaugh (and the conservatives who commented above, and probably below) that the problem with education is “bad teachers”, and if we could just fire them, all of our problems will be solved.”

    No, but it would be a start. Would you take that attitude if they were cops?

    “The fact is that Limbaugh and other conservatives hate unions, no matter whether they do a good job or not”

    I didn’t know that. Thanks for explaining me to myself. I thought I just hated the bad practices that SOME of them have.

    “because you get most teachers working their asses off for very little pay, and doing a damned good job with little support.”

    Well, then it shouldn’t matter if the bad ones are fired, and why aren’t they getting paid more? the union?

  10. “I love the site, but seeing that racist, draft-dodging, hate-spewing, hypocritical drug addict makes my large intestine want to leap up through my neck and throttle my brain*.”

    Who said anything about Bill Clinton?

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