Apple releases WWAN Support Update 1.0

Apple has released WWAN Support Update 1.0 which provides SW support for the following WWAN products:

Available on the Cingular network:
•Novatel Merlin XU870 ExpressCard (HSDPA)

Available on the Sprint network:
•Novatel Wireless Merlin EX720 Express Card (EVDO Rev. A)
•Novatel Wireless Ovation U720 USB Modem (USB Adapter, EVDO Rev. A)

Available on the Verizon network:
•Novatel XV620 ExpressCard (EVDO Rev. 0)
•Novatel V740 ExpressCard (EVDO Rev. A)
•Novatel Wireless Ovation U720 (USB Adapter, EVDO Rev. A)

More info and download link (350KB) here.

More about Macs and EVDO here.


  1. I’m disappointed that this update supports laptops only.
    I’ve just ordered a U720 USB Modem from Sprint, but for use on my 20″ iMac Core2Duo, rather than a laptop, so this software won’t work for me.
    If Apple is listening: please issue revised update that supports all current Macs, both desktop and portable models.

  2. “I’m disappointed that this update supports laptops only.”

    Why would you use a WWAN on a desktop computer? Just curious. I mean, the thing spends its life sitting in your house, right? Wouldn’t it be cheaper (and higher bandwidth) to get cable/DSL and run it to the iMac over Ethernet or a local WiFi network?

    The whole point of these “cellular modems” is road-warrior everywhere connectivity.

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