Steve Jobs & Rush Limbaugh agree: U.S. public schools are ‘unionized in the worst possible way’

Rush Limbaugh spoke about Apple CEO Steve Jobs take on U.S. public education and unions today with quotes from April Castro’s article for the Associated Press:

In Austin, Texas, last week, “Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs lambasted teacher unions Friday, claiming no amount of technology in the classroom would improve public schools until principals could fire bad teachers.” He compared skrools to businesses with principals serving as CEOs. “’What kind of person could you get to run a small business if you told them that when they came in they couldn’t get rid of people that they thought weren’t any good?’ he asked to loud applause during an education reform conference.”

The bottom line here is when he says, “I believe what’s wrong with our schools in this nation is that they’ve become unionized in the worst possible way,” conservatives and just plain people with any common sense have been saying this for decades, but could they get put into the headlines of a story? No. Only if you’re a big lib, only if you’re a big Democrat, do you get applauded for this kind of talk.

I am happy and proud to be on the same page with Steve Jobs. The way to put it is, I’m happy and proud he’s on the same page with me. If he finds out I agree with him, he might change his mind. But I mean this is classic. This is an AP story. Do you know how many average, ordinary American people have been saying this? Do you know how many political candidates on the Republican side have been saying this, and when they say it, they get tarred and feathered and the NEA comes after ’em? Jobs says it, “Wow, why, we must really think about this. Why, there might be something here that we haven’t considered before,” blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Full transcript here.

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  1. Wow, I can’t wait to hear the hate filled diatribe certain to follow from the Lefties after reading this story!
    Please, don’t hold back, show your intolerence and be sure to denounce anyone not following in lock-step with your dogmas

  2. Liberals have not tarred and feathered conservatives for asking for teacher accountability. It’s that liberals tar and feather conservatives for not proposing a plan that also takes into account the rights of unionized workers. Bad teachers need to go but not at the expense of other areas that make the effect moot.

  3. No rant this time. I’ll just repeat once again, the solution to this problem is not nearly as clean and as simple as either Steve Jobs or Rush Limbaugh would have us believe. Until all the players in the education market are held accountable at roughly the same level, making it easier to fire “bad teachers” (however one chooses to define the term) would be like throwing a pitcher of water on a roaring inferno. A satisfying hiss, I suppose, but no real effect.

    Go ahead, flame away!

  4. “Liberals have not tarred and feathered conservatives for asking for teacher accountability. It’s that liberals tar and feather conservatives for not proposing a plan that also takes into account the rights of unionized workers. Bad teachers need to go but not at the expense of other areas that make the effect moot.”

    Sure they have. Any time it is even mentioned there are huge backlashes and articles in papers, etc. As for “the rights of unionized workers”, what is it they are looking for that teacher accountability would ruin? Conservatives have also pushed for HIGHER teacher wages to encourage more better candidates to become teachers.

  5. Whenever I see a quote from Rush Limbaugh, he’s whining. I thought conservative windbags like Rush were all about self-empowerment and avoiding the victim mentality, but every time I hear him talk he’s spouting off about how liberals and the liberal media pick on him and Republicans in general. Every day Republicans are sounding more and more like the libs they hate. Spend, spend, spend, bigger gov’t, bigger gov’t, bigger gov’t, whine, whine, whine. Republican or Democrat? Hard to tell the difference.

    And I highly doubt the concept that unions were bad for schools originated solely from Rush (i.e. “Steve agrees with me”. What an effin’ ego). The two brain cells that aren’t awash in pain meds keep his fat ass body standing upright, and don’t have time for actual complex thinking.

  6. You guys remind me of people I met from Norway who said something similar. When I asked them how they managed to educate so many people from disparate ethnic and national backgrounds, they responded, “Oh, immigrants have their own schools” separate from the majority.


    Here, that was outlawed in 1954 because that’s considered racial discrimination, though segregation still exists in some form in urban settings, in particular. I ask you– if you have a large degree of ethnic heterogeneity, how does your country solve this? I recall hearing something about the Sami people– have they been an issue as they have been elsewhere?

    I ask because it’s easy to work with everyone if you’re all on the same page (read: color, ethnic heritage, hockey team). Smaller is easier, too. That’s why in the US, you may hear of how bad the education system is as a whole, while the reality is that there are thousands of local systems that are excellent.

    Just wondering what it’s like for you guys way up there in the cold north. Based on your tone, it sounds like you may have perfection.

  7. HR
    Way to pick apart his point of view.
    You really showed where he is wrong and you are right.
    Ever consider where you see most of those quotes?
    Ever bother to listen with an open mind?
    You actually proved his point.
    Aren’t hemorrhoids a pain in the ass?

  8. It curdles my stomach to read “Rush Limbaugh” and “Steve Jobs” in the same sentence.

    Steve should have known to keep his mouth shut. You attract the bigots and idiots and drug addicts if you’re not too careful.

  9. before this thread gets taken over by the political wanks who can only think of issues in terms of US left and right (which is to say far right and far far right from most of the rest of democratic world), i have one basic question: what sort of system of accountability would people like for public schools?

    Supposing we all, as taxpayers, agree that there should be some way of tracking who is wasting our money and making life more difficult for their students, the question to be answered is how do we find these people out and get rid of them. Still with me? The next question to ask is: are unions making it easier or more difficult to get rid of the incompetent? I think the answer to that one is clear. Once we agree about that, the rest is just haggling over price.

    The industrial revolution was a long long time ago. We now have wage and work safety laws to protect workers from abuse by the factory owners. With these things firmly in place, why do we need unions again?

    As you were …

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