How do Apple TV and Elgato’s EyeTV work together?

Apple StoreElgato Systems, makers of EyeTV, offers a nice online explanation of how their product works with Apple’s new Apple TV:

EyeTV puts your TV recordings into iTunes: With EyeTV, watch television on your Mac and record TV shows directly to your hard drive. EyeTV has an easy “iPod Button” to export EyeTV recordings into iTunes, where they automatically appear under “TV Shows.” This puts your own content on your iPod, and now, your live TV recordings on Apple TV.

Apple TV puts your iTunes content on TV: When an Apple TV is connected, iTunes automatically detects and synchs with it. That way, your Apple TV box always contains the latest content from iTunes, including the EyeTV recordings you exported there. Apple TV puts that content onto your widescreen TV.

Elgato is working to integrate Apple TV and EyeTV even further and invites Mac users to join their mailing list to be notified of future enhancements.

The company also offers two QuickTime demo videos:
1. How to use EyeTV’s iPod button to add your recordings to iTunes
2. How to send new EyeTV recordings to iTunes automatically

More info and the videos here.


  1. i use eyetv for all my video recording

    i swapped a sony 860 and a panny drmex 85 for my imac w/ an eye tv

    i never looked back

    the b/i guide wipes the floor with ‘conventional’ tv

    do a search for a prog then click once , who needs ANOTHER box ?

  2. Connect a dedicated PC with BTV and a couple of capture cards installed directly to your HDTV and that set-up blows away the EyeTV and Apple TV combo. I can record OTA HD, cable and Sat all in high quality while playing back any file. You can also watch live TV and even after the progam has started you can decide to record it and it will record it to the hard drive from the beginning of the show. I especially like the “smart” programing guide that automatically reschedules conflicts.

    EyeTV and Apple TV is a nice combo but BTV is superior.

  3. Which models, I’m looking on the website and I don’t see anything about HD…

    and what do you mean by “imporved Hd recording?’ Are there currently problems reording HD?

    I’m very interested if I could use eyeTv to replace my Direct TV HD DVR. It sucks.

  4. The newer versions of EyeTV will but only decrypted video. So you will need your cable / satellite box to be tuned to the right channel to take in the feed.

    This is what is stopping me from using it. I need the ability to record encyrpted channels from cable, just like my cable / dvr box can do. For that eyeTV would need a cable 2 card.

    Looks like Europe is out of luck for a while. It is amazing to me that technology is lagging so far behind HDTV rollout. Over 90% of my cable channels are still SDTV.

  5. The problem with the EyeTV solution is that file format conversion from their rinky dinky MPEG format to a format playable in iTunes, QuickTime, and AppleTV. Try converting a 1 hour TV show or a 2 hour movie. It takes friggin’ forever. When Elgato’s boxes convert and save TV on the fly to a format “immediately” playable by iTunes/QuickTime/AppleTV, then they’re worth a purchase from Apple.

    I’m tired of all the hoops I have to jump through to record TV and save it on my Mac. The conversion is one huge hoop. Since I already have a DVR, why isn’t there an easy solution to move those files over to a Mac, fully converted and playable in iTunes/QuickTime?

    EyeTV = $269
    AppleTV = $299
    CableCo DVR = $10 a month

    The TV experience on the Mac is all about hoops and money. I jumps and I pays.

  6. Another question..

    So If I buy a Mac mini with the Miglia HD usb device to record HD content with 5:1 surround, will the mini be able to output 5:1 to my home theater? And can the mini handle playing back HD files?

    I’ve pre-ordered Apple TV, but I’m not convinced I’ll be happy with what it offers.. For music and photos, it seems great, but for movies and tv, it still needs work.

    I’ll spend the extra $$ for the mini if it can do what I want it to, which is record and playback HD with surround.

  7. I already have a TVMiniHD which I love, and have an AppleTV on order. We’ll see how they work together. I wish they would make it so I could play the files from EyeTV directly after being recorded. As it stands, it looks like I have to export them to iTunes which takes FOREVER! I wouldn’t want to automatically export them as I edit out the commercials in EyeTV before exporting.

  8. “I’m tired of all the hoops I have to jump through to record TV and save it on my Mac”


    Amen Iggy.. I know there are people who will defend Apple tv endlessly, but quite honestly, I think Apple missed the mark with it..

    I mean, they advertise that it was designed for widescreen tv’s and a home theater. But in reality, most people who spend the money on a widescreen tv and a home theater do so because they want the quality that the home theater experience can provide, which is HD and 5:1 surround.. Not “near dvd quality” with only stereo sound.

    As complex as Microsofts solutions may be, at least they are delivering what consumers want with the XBOX 360 setup.. It offers HD movies, surround sound AND a movie rental option..

    Why can’t Apple make a true living room media box that will allow us to purchase and record HD content with surround sound without having to jump through so many hoops?

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