RUMOR: Apple iPhone 4GB for $299, 8GB for $399 with 2-year AT&T contract?

“Everything we’ve been told with regard to the iPhone’s pricing structure has suggested that the 4GB would hit at $499 and the 8GB at $599, and that this would be an on-contract price — expensive, yes, but likely still in the right range to keep sales brisk. New advertising allegedly leaked out of a consumer survey suggests that the 2-year contract price could come in a full two hundie lower, though: $299 for 4GB, $399 for 8GB,” Chris Ziegler reports for Engadget.

Ziegler reports, ” Of course, this is all coming out of a survey — perhaps gauging reaction to pricing — so we need to wait for some more clarification from the powers that be before declaring our wallets a little less burdened come June.”

Full article, with the “allegedly leaked” advertisement here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Adam W.” for the heads up.]
Please note that this a a rumor. AT&T’s online Apple iPhone features list currently states, “Choose from 4GB ($499) or 8GB ($599) memory mode.”

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  1. Steve Jobs already told us what the price is. The demand for this phone is going to be so great that AT&T does not need to offer subsidies to reduce the price to get a two-year contract.

    I still want one, and will move over to Cingular once my Verizon contract expires next January. Just in time for version 2.

  2. Surely hitting this pricepoint will be dependant upon sales

    volume. My guess is that the initial release will be higher

    as previously stated, and it will drop if they start seeing

    big numbers. Higher volume component purchases and

    larger production contracts will obviously lend to a lower


  3. The cost of the iPhone isn’t the problem. The question is what will Cingular charge for you to use all the features of the iPhone? I get the feeling they will try and gouge us. If so, the iPhone will ultimately fail because of Cingular’s greed.

  4. I need more gigs! I’d pay even more for something with a 16+ flash, c’mon apple, surprise me on the June release, I’ve got a lot of music/movies/pics to put on this thing, and 8 just does not cut it.

  5. I really want an Iphone but this is what concerns me. I had net access for my cell phone (a Motorola v something or other) with Cingular and the service was so slow it was unusable. I hope hope things are better with the Iphone.

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