Microsoft’s Ballmer warns on Vista, says revenue forecasts too aggressive; shares drop

“Microsoft Corp. Chief Executive Steve Ballmer said on Thursday analysts’ forecasts for revenue from Windows Vista in fiscal 2008 were ‘overly aggressive,’ sending shares down 1 percent,” Reuters reports.

Reuters reports, “The world’s biggest software maker cautioned analysts that Vista sales will remain closely aligned to new computer sales. Ballmer said Vista would create a ‘small surge’ in PC sales in fiscal 2008, but would not spur a big increase over normal growth rates. ‘It looks like people are a little bit over optimistic, at least more optimistic than we are,’ Ballmer said in a presentation to analysts.”

“Microsoft shares fell 1.1 percent in extended trading to $29.14 from a Nasdaq close of $29.46,” Reuters reports.

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“‘I’m really excited about how enthusiastic people are about Vista, but I think some of the revenue forecasts for Vista in 2008 are overly aggressive,’ Ballmer said in a meeting for financial analysts. ‘(Vista) is primarily a chance to sustain what (Windows) revenue we have — not every release is a revenue growing opportunity,'” The Associated Press reports.

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  1. brilliant.. the ‘people’ who are optimistic are called ‘investors’… the ‘people’ who aren’t are called ‘customers’

    A friend of mine just got a new Dell today with Vista on it. Unfortunately, Dell still gets kickbacks for loading it up with Google software, so all that stuff has to but uninstalled before you can see the Windows Sidebar and stuff..

    I CANNOT believe it doesn’t even have a tutorial,etc still thing.. What a wasted opportunity.

    And Vista tries to put Widgets,etc in the Media Player (check scores etc).. which is.. clunky.. *sigh

  2. WOW! just WOW!

    This whole VISTA thing os totally underwhelming. So underwhelming that I’m totally blown away. WOW!

    How much closer to “Closed Until Business Picks Up” than this admission.

    I wouldn’t want to face the shareholders in his shoes.

  3. not every release is a revenue growing opportunity

    W T F ?!?!

    Ballmer, your company worked on this thing for five years.

    It was supposed to be a crucial landmark upgrade of one of your key products.

    And now that it’s becoming clear MS has utterly blew it, the best you can do is admit failure with “not every release is a revenue growing opportunity”?!?

    Anywhere else it’d be called a DUD.

    Use your own terms, Ballmy. We’ll use ours.

  4. “Vista sales will remain closely aligned to new computer sales”

    Apparently MS recognizes that few are buying it as an “upgrade,” just the PC mfrs who *have to* install it on new systems (MS’s captive market that accounts for, what, 80% of their OS revenue?). I wonder if in a few months, as PC sales stagnate, that Dell & HP and the others will convince MS to let them offer XP as an option? In the enterprise we’ve the option of Ghosting or ZENing our new machines with XP, but the poor users paying with personal money for a new system get to play guinea pig and fight the lack of drivers, updated software, bizarre UI changes, draconian DRM, etc., etc., etc.

    How many days ’til Leopard?

  5. MS is so ingrained in people’s computer lives that it will always play a significant part in computing.

    Ford and GM were once deeply ingrained in people’s transportation choices too.

    Vista certainly won’t kill MS. But it’s a big dud when MS really needed a big hit, and it’s going to weigh on MS until they address it.

  6. This is an incredible statement. It won’t go unnoticed… The board of directors should and will fire this dumb bastard.

    How on earth could a CEO make such a statement about a core product five years in development? He is declaring that Vista is so uncompelling that no one will upgrade. The only sales will be to those who must to purchase new hardware. Absolutely incredible!

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