Ballmer calls Apple ‘cute, little tiny niche guy’

“Microsoft Corp. Chief Executive Steve Ballmer said Thursday that Wall Street’s current expectations for revenue from its newest operating system may be too ‘optimistic,'” The Associated Press reports. “‘I’m really excited about how enthusiastic people are about Vista, but I think some of the revenue forecasts for Vista in 2008 are overly aggressive,’ Ballmer said in a meeting for financial analysts. ‘(Vista) is primarily a chance to sustain what (Windows) revenue we have — not every release is a revenue growing opportunity.'”

AP reports, “Ballmer also responded to a question about a series of commercials made by smaller computer maker Apple Inc. The ads poke fun at Microsoft, the world’s largest software company, through a geeky character who calls himself a ‘PC.'”

‘I’ll give Apple credit for what it’s done,’ Ballmer said. ‘It’s not like they’ve really grown a lot of market share (through the commercials). Remember, when you’re the little tiny niche guy who owns about 2 percent of the worldwide (computer) market, you can be cute one time and it helps you grow,'” AP reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: First Gates loses his mind and now this from Ballmer. Those ads have really gotten under their skin. Jobs should triple the “Get a Mac” campaign’s budget.

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  1. And God said “Let there be a CEO named Ballmer that offers no inspiration to his staff, no corporate direction, and is devoid of intelligence.”

    And it came to pass.

    And God said “Let there be a CEO named Jobs that can create things of beauty, divine new products, and cast a spell on his followers.”

    And it came to pass.

    And God said “Let the masses have the wisdom to purchase the things of beauty and live free of pain and suffering, least they become infected with viruses.”

    Well, two out of three ain’t so bad.

  2. The best thing about these kind of statements is that most people can sense the fear behind their attempts to belittle. Many will then at least be curious of what it is about Apple products that causes them to respond in such a manner.

  3. If Apple were indeed so “cute and tiny” Ballmer and Gates wouldn’t be commenting on them non-stop like they have been lately. Apple is starting to cut into M$’ bottom line and it’s really pissing those two fools off.

  4. The rook is advancing, a knight is on the flank, the queen has been taken, and the king in a corner with only a couple of pawns as protection…

    Mate in 5 moves… ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  5. Apple may not have as much market share as MS, but their market value is a pretty healthy 25% of MS’s. In many ways Monkey Boy is a complete retard, but I’d confidently bet that he’s extremely aware of how big Apple really is.

    MMW: it’s best to ignore what the simian simpleton SAYS

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