‘Get a Mac’ campaign ads disappear from Apple website

Multiple MacDailyNews readers have noticed that the “Sabotage” ad from Apple’s “Get a Mac” campaign no longer appears on the company’s website. Italian website setteB.IT reports that three other ads have also fallen off Apple’s site: “Better,” “Gift Exchange,” and “Goodwill.”

Apple “Get a Mac” ad: “Sabotage”

MacDailyNews Note: The ads are still available on Apple’s website via direct links (for example: http://movies.apple.com/movies/us/apple/getamac/apple-getamac-sabotage_480x376.mov), but not as part of the main menu of “Get a Mac” ads here: http://www.apple.com/getamac/ads/

As of this article’s time of publication, Apple has not responded to an inquiry as to why the ad is no longer part of their “Get a Mac” campaign’s menu of ads.

[UPDATED: February 7: 10:00am EST: Added info about the three other ads from setteB.IT and revised headline.]


  1. maczealot could it be that it’s a play on what Microsoft has done for years .. which is pay people to talk down everything but Windows/PC? It makes perfect sense if you’ve been a Mac or Linux user for any amount of time. Just check out ZDnet and PCWorld’s archives. *shrug*

  2. The ad is still part of the line-up at the Canadian site:


    As for the ad itself, I always took it as the “fake Mac” being like a Rob Enderle-type blog or msm shill that the PC is sending BS press releases too. But the blogger or shill, despite being paid by M$, is really a big fan of Mac, despite everything he’s said.

    I see the ad as Apple calling Redmond’s bullshit what it is.

  3. I can tell you: Good irony is wasted on the stupid

    Anyone in the marketing biz can tell you about an “unbeatable” funny ad that backfired because people were too stupid to get it.

    Lowest common denominator only need apply.

  4. To offer a simple theory, perhaps they just wanted a multiple-of-six quantity of ads to fit well in their ad browser thingy. If they had a prime number of ads, it would really muck things up when browsing, and Apple is pretty anal about that sorta thing.

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