Windows Vista woes push BBC News editor to regret never having ‘defected’ to Apple Mac

Robert Peston, BBC’s business editor, has penned an open letter to Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates which reads in part:

Dear Bill Gates,

Give me back my weekend. I bought a new Windows Vista laptop – and that’s when the trouble began.

My dislike of your new user interface you can put down to the conservatism that comes with advancing years. However having loyally stuck by the galumphing, unaesthetic functionality of your operating systems over the past 15 years, while faced with ridicule from pretentious Mac-loving types, I resent your attempt at an elegance transplant.

But what really grates is that your system is incompatible with two of the vital tools of my trade. Vista refuses to load the software for my newish Olympus digital recorder. And here’s what takes the biscuit. Vista rejects my HP IPAQ handheld device – even though the software for that was created by Microsoft!

So in order to put Vista at the centre of what I do, I would have to buy hundreds of pounds of new hardware. Which may be great news for your industry, but makes me regret never having defected to Steve Jobs. Perhaps now’s the time.

Full article, in which Peston writes that the only thing that gives him any comfort is that he is apparently not alone in his Vista-stress, here.

MacDailyNews Take: Why does knowing that others are also suffering similar woes him give comfort? Stockholm Syndrome and Cognitive Dissonance are powerful, insidious maladies, but Peston at least shows signs of rising above them. Now certainly is the time to dump Windows and get a Mac; so was any time during the last 23 years. Better late than never.

Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it. – Helen Keller

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  1. “Vista rejects my HP IPAQ handheld device – even though the software for that was created by Microsoft!”

    That is the power of partnering that MS brings to the table, Robert.

    Witness the power.

    I said WITNESS!

  2. Robert Peston is a biter. He regularly plagarizes from Cambridge Fitzwilliam Business College professors without attribution. Let him and his ilk suffer the fruits of their own pretentiousness. He isn’t going to switch any time soon. He’s more likely to revert to XP than “defect to Steve Jobs!”

  3. I’ve had more success with Mark/Space than iSync with the treo.

    Sad, I’m currently helping another switcher who just bought Vista over the weekend and is so angry over what doesn’t work now he’s going Mac. (can’t believe he’s spending more $$ – but there ya have it.)

  4. “But what really grates is that your system is incompatible with two of the vital tools of my trade. Vista refuses to load the software for my newish Olympus digital recorder. And here’s what takes the biscuit. Vista rejects my HP IPAQ handheld device – even though the software for that was created by Microsoft!”

    It looks like he’s run into Vista’s draconian DRM:

    “In fact so far no-one has been able to identify any Windows system that will actually play HD content in HD quality, in all cases any attempt to do this produced either no output or a message that it was blocked by content protection. While it’s not possible to prove a negative in this manner, it’s certainly an indication that potential buyers may be in for a shock when they try and play premium content on their shiny new Vista PC.

    The same issue that affects graphics cards also goes for high-resolution LCD monitors. One of the big news items at CES 2007 was Samsung’s 1920×1200 HD-capable 27″ LCD monitor, the Syncmaster 275T, released at a time when everyone else was still shipping 24″ or 25″ monitors as their high-end product [Note F]. The only problem with this amazing HD monitor is that Vista won’t display HD content on it because it doesn’t consider any of its many input connectors (DVI-D, 15-pin D-Sub, S- Video, and component video) secure enough. So you can do almost anything with this HD monitor except view HD content on it.”

    His problem is NOT just an error. Vista is built to do this kind of thing ON PURPOSE!

  5. Mr. Zune Tang is also a sufferer!

    He is in complete denial and will need many years of therapy to get over the shock of realization that he has been duped and brainwashed by a bunch of wankers called M$.

    He will feel insecure as a human being for allowing himself to be fooled for so many years and may even feel like ending his miserable life, but, all is not lost Mr. Zune Tang.

    If you start now and cast aside the M$ demons you will find it much easier to live with yourself for the rest of your life. leave it any longer and you will be lost forever.

    Cfuk the social and get a Mac.

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