No midnight lines for Microsoft’s badly faked Apple Mac OS this time

It looks like 2007 is no repeat of 1995. The last time Microsoft got crowds to line up at midnight for a badly faked Mac OS called “Windows 95,” there was no widespread use of the Internet, no YouTube, and no blogsphere with which to contend. Microsoft’s still trying to sell their derivative wares the old way with glitzy parties, goodie bags for “journalists,” network TV interviews, and massive mainstream media buys, but it doesn’t seem to be working very well in 2007. Too many independent sources of information that can’t be corralled, perhaps?

“At a CompUSA store in Raleigh, only about a dozen people waited around to be among the first to get Vista. The store reopened at 10 p.m., offering customers coffee and discounts on other items including printers and recordable DVDs, and planned to stay open until at least 2 a.m,” Elizabeth Dunbar reports for The Associated Press.

Dunbar reports, “Mike Johnson, 29, of nearby Rolesville, bought a laptop computer with the new software preinstalled. ‘The biggest reason for me is the new interface. It looks so much better than XP,’ he said. ‘Apple computers have had nice graphical interfaces for some time. But it’s the first time Windows has even approached that level.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Obviously, some delusional souls do remain.

Dunbar continues, “In Cleveland’s suburb of Brooklyn, Ohio, about 300 people braved 20 degree weather for a midnight celebration at Best Buy, which arranged free hot dogs and autographs from former Cleveland Browns player Bob Golic. About 35 Vista packages were sold just after midnight.”

MacDailyNews Take: 260 for Golic, 5 for the free meat darts, and 35 people who are just fine with settling for what they think is “good enough.”

Dunbar continues, “DSG International PLC’s flagship PC World store in central London opened before dawn Tuesday with costumed characters, including Sherlock Holmes to signify security and Marilyn Monroe to emphasize multimedia. Some three dozen enthusiasts were waiting outside the store when it opened.”

MacDailyNews Take: 36 enthusiasts in central London? Wow.

Full article here.

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  1. Damn, the media will really be shocked when they see the crowds at local Apple Stores when Leopard is released. So they had 36 people in line for Vista in London huh? They’ll have at least 20 times more people than that at Apple’s Regent Street store when Leopard goes on sale.

  2. I was at the local CompUSA store this morning when it opened to buy me self a joystick.

    Heck, no line, nothing. The store had huge displayes of Vista and Office 2007 everywhere, but no one was buying them. What a dud.

    Well, the joystick was sold out!

  3. The CompUSA guy, Didier, says that they’ll sell more on a Friday and weekend than on a Monday midnight and Tuesday.

    If that’s the case, and given that this was the consumer launch not the business launch, why didn’t MS launch it at Friday midnight – it would’ve created a bit more buzz.

    No consumer could care less about all those interviews in fancy ballrooms (which they could’ve done on a Friday morning). What this shows is that even this consumer launch is geared to businesses, or MS is just plain incompetent.

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