ESPN: Studying video has never been so easy – thanks to Apple’s iPod

“It’s hard to say exactly which moment it was that we realized the iPod had taken over our entire civilization. But it might have been this one: The day we first heard, last summer, that baseball players were using their iPods to do their pregame video studies — as opposed to, say, their pregame Shakira video studies,” Jayson Stark reports for “The iPod as indispensable baseball tool. Who knew?”

“‘I’ll tell you one thing,’ Astros pitcher Jason Jennings told ‘It sure beats looking at videotape.’ Until a few weeks ago, Jennings played for the team that pioneered the iPod’s invasion of baseball — the Rockies,” Stark reports. “He was one of 17 Rockies players who got swept up last season in a trend that began with an event that didn’t exactly have the look of a major sporting revolution at the time: Brian Jones, then the Rockies’ assistant coordinator of video coaching, got an iPod for Christmas. Pretty earth-shattering, huh?”

Stark reports, “It wasn’t even a video iPod, either. Just your basic Nano. But all it took was some initial fooling around with it to get Jones thinking there might be more to this fascinating gadget than the ability to download the Red Hot Chili Peppers on it.”

Stark reports, “So Jones and his video cohort, Mike Hamilton, did some iExperimenting to see if it might be possible to load their baseball videos on this cool little contraption. And the next thing they knew…”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Col. Angus” for the heads up.]

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  1. That’s great. There are probably thousands other uses for iPods that have not been discovered, where quick access to thousands of audio or video clips in the palm of your hand would be useful. And not just in sports. I remember reading about a film director who recorded himself (or someone) saying all the dialog in the movie script, line by line, then put in on his iPod. He then had access to the lines (and probably verbal notes) on the set. I’m not sure how this is better than having it on paper, but it worked for him.

  2. from TFA:

    “And, given the limitations of the current iPod, you know there will be more advanced versions — and competitors — busting out all over technospace any minute. In fact, Jones says he has spent the winter demo-ing a portable media player by Archos, with a 4½-inch screen and greater file compatibility.”

    Maybe Apple should take note of this…

  3. When filming The Lord of the Rings trilogy, director Peter Jackson used iPods to take the dailies to various sites (or have them brought to him for review) to allow him to quickly assess the shot and determine whether to keep it, reshoot, etc. And I think those were pre-video iPods, so they were just being used as firewire drives.

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