Motley Fool writer offers to ask Steve Ballmer your question

“To its credit, despite my frequent, loudmouthed criticism, Microsoft has graciously offered to let me sit in on a Vista and Office launch event in New York. CEO Steve Ballmer will be there, and apparently there will be a ‘moderated Q&A’ after we have a little nosh,” Seth Jayson reports for The Motley Fool.

“I’d love to ask Ballmer, “Dude, can I ‘squirt’ you a little something from my brown Zune?” so he could see just how lame “the social” is in reality. Or I’d like to hit him with, “Why did uninstalling Office 2007 cripple my Office 2003 software?” and share my ongoing reinstallation nightmare,” Jayson writes. “But instead, I’m going to give this opportunity to all you Fools out there. Assuming they let me up to the mic following this little stunt, I hereby pledge my face time to ask a question of your suggestion.”

Jayson writes, “Wondering why Mr. Softy doesn’t just leave the portable media space to Apple? Want to know why it continues to butt heads with Google and Yahoo! on search, even though it’s getting trounced? Want to know why there’s still so little video and music content on the Xbox 360, despite serious, device-integrated challenges from Disney and Sony?”

Jayson writes, “Here’s your chance to query Microsoft.”

Send your suggestions to Mr. Seth Jayson here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Adam W.” for the heads up.]
Don’t bother sending “Why don’t you seek professional help?” as we’ve already sent that one in ourselves.

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  1. “are you aware of this invvention called anti-perspirant?”

    “do you get a bulk discount on chairs at office depot?”

    “will you be doing a follow up to your smash hit ‘Developers Developers Developers Developers’ ?”

  2. Wouldn’t you just be a fat bald used salesman somewhere today if you hadn’t been assigned to the same dorm as Bill Gates?

    Do you consider that dorm assignment with Gates to be the single luckiest thing that has ever happened to any human being?

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