T3 posts Apple iPhone Bible

“First there was iPod, and it was good. But lo, Jobs created iPhone and it blew our minds with its sumptuous styling and spiffy multi-touch display,” T3 writes. “Welcome, dear apostles, to T3’s ultimate guide to the iPhone – everything you need to know about Apple’s most important device ever. Read on for the definitive low-down on iPhone’s myriad functions and ultra-cool secrets.”

T3’s iPhone Bible covers the following:
• Multi-Touch
• iPhone online
• iPod’s evolution
• Ringing the changes for mobile
• Syncing feeling
• Specs pest
• T3’s most wanted iPhone widgets
• T3’s most wanted iPhone applications
• Does iPhone have an Achilles heel?
• The rivals
• The future of iPhone
• History in the making
• Image gallery

Full Bible here.

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  1. Several simple fact problems with this article. Shows they aren’t good at their research.

    – “type at record speed using the virtual keyboard.” We’ve all seen the typing on that thing. No way is anyone setting records.

    – “first evidence of Apple’s ambitions … came with MacBooks … two-fingered scrolling,” Nyet, the last powerbooks had this.

    – “pretty much everything online your desktop Mac or PC can,” Lacking support for java and flash, it misses a huge number of functions that are commonly used on desktop browsers.

    – “swish auto-fill for address fields uses your contacts to get the job done in record time.” Again, not “record” anything. All e-mail capable devices have been doing this for years.

    – “Unlike other phones, … phone numbers or email addresses instantly become ‘live’. Treos have done this for years.

    – “an accelerometer … so the scroll-speed alters depending on how you interact with it.” That’s not what the accellerometer does. It’s for the screen-rotation feature.

  2. What I want to know is how do you write a “bible” for a product whose software is yet to be locked, and whose hardware has yet to be handled by more than a handful of people for a handful of minutes??

  3. T3 is crap.

    I remember buying the very first issue (T3: Tommorow’s Technology Today) and everyone in my office was drooling over it. There wasn’t really anything like it and you could tell they cared. Then they changed to T3: Toys For Boys and seemed to be more pre-occupied with getting semi-naked women on the cover.

    I didn’t bother following the link. How can you have an iPhone bible when the complete specs and bundled applications are unknown? T3 is a UK publication and we have no idea of carrier, the cost of the device nor the plans. That basically sums up the vague approach from T3 and Stuff magazines and why I don’t even bother to read them online, let alone pay good money for the hard copy.

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