Apple World Wide Developer Conference 2007 with Steve Jobs keynote scheduled for June

“Apple Inc’s annual developer gathering is currently scheduled to take place during the second week of June, nearly two months earlier than last year’s event,” Prince McLean reports for AppleInsider.

“People familiar with the conference planning say the Cupertino-based Mac maker has reserved the dates of June 10th through the 15th for the event, with a keynote presentation by chief executive Steve Jobs slated for Monday the 11th,” McLean reports.

McLean reports, “Last year’s World Wide Developers Conference took place during the second week of August. It gave way to the first public demonstration of Leopard, new Xeon Xserves, and the quad-core Mac Pro workstation.”

More details in the full article here.

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  1. To satisfy the bloggers that are freaked out by new technology, someone could make a rotary dial widget for the iPhone. Those phone numbers with lots of nines and zeros were a bitch. Or a multi-touch activated crank that rings up “Sara”, the local operator. Bring back the party line and let MySpace sponsor it. iPhone accessory makers could retrofit the iPhone to fit inside an 80s cell phone brick case with extra weight built right in.

  2. All I want is an NSSplitView class that I don’t need to subclass just to get a custom divider thickness. That and better support for split views in IB. So that’s two things. A better NSSplitView implementation and better support for it in IB.

    And better NSToolbar integration.

  3. Leopard will come out just after Vista – enough time to take the wind out of MS’ sails for switchers, and encourage PC hardware-upgraders to get a better PC OS in the Mac.

    Cost of Vista Ultimate plus new HP plus shipping costs plus tax plus McAfee plus technical support versus cost of iMac plus Leopard plus Parallels (converts existing Windows XP licence)? Easy decision for millions!

  4. Maybe he will use the developer’s conference to talk about movies on iPods….you know like he used a Mac personal computer conference to talk about telephones.

    He should of talked about Leopard and new Mac Pro’s at Mac World and the iPhone at CES…he should of told everybody “right after this..I am flying to Vegas to suck the oxygen out of M$’s show…please watch from here..complimentary coffee.”

  5. “To satisfy the bloggers that are freaked out by new technology, someone could make a rotary dial widget for the iPhone.”

    Actually, remember in Jobs’ keynote when he showed the iPod with a rotary-dial? Very entertaining. Very retro.

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