RUMOR: Apple Special Event on February 20?

“We have just gotten an anonymous tip from a source that indicates that Apple is planning a special event on February 20 to introduce Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard), iLife ‘07 and iWork ‘07 as well as updated Mac Pros,” Apple Recon reports.

Apple Recon reports, “Mac Pros will be available immediately with a free upgrade to 10.5 when it ships, and the ship date for 10.5 will be confirmed for 3/24/07 as we have been predicting for quite some time now. There is some speculation that we may see a week earlier or later for this event, depending on the status of Leopard, but this is the most likely date which is being planned (by this time, Leopard’s new interface will be complete and the OS will be finishing up testing). What better way to demo Leopard than with a brand new 8-core Mac Pro?”

Full RUMOR here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Josh” and “RadDoc” for the heads up.]
This is a rumor report. We have heard nothing about an upcoming Apple Special Event on or around February 20th.


  1. Full screen iPods?

    Am I the only one who does not want one?

    Or specifically, hope they retain the click wheel models for music primarily, as they are easy to use w/o looking at them when in the gym or car.

    Just feel, scroll, click

  2. Not very likely. Leopard, consumer apps, and Mac Pros?!

    Not very logical.

    More likely (if there is indeed a special event) : upgraded iMacs and/or Macbooks. They tend to always upgrade the iMac before anything else. First intel mac, first core2duo, etc.

    They are unlikely to upgrade the Mac Pros AGAIN til Photoshop is finally released.

  3. A full screen iPod is like an iPhone without the phone and internet features. This would be attractive to users who do not wish to buy a new phone, or are happy with their current carrier (i.e. Cingular sucks).

    It would have to be more than 8GB for it to be interesting though. If it would be replacing the higher end models, like the 30GB, then okay.

  4. Mac Mini updates???

    I am about to buy 5 Mac Mini’s but can’t bring myself to buy them – they have basically not been upgraded in a year, ever since they went to Intel. They are still on the Core 1 Duo. They need to update them to Core 2 Duo now. They are the only computers they sell that are not 64 bit.

  5. “What better way to demo Leopard than with a brand new 8-core Mac Pro?”

    Depends on how well we can multi thread the 8 cores!

    Right now if I monitor my 4 cores, I can see that some sit idle, even when doing things that require horsepower!

  6. Hard to believe. After all those listed bugs.

    Well they have cleaner codebase than MS, but still.

    I don’t think it’s ready to ship, but than again; What do I know?

    Feb 20 sounds great in Apple-like manner. MS has had their chance to let every person on the planet to see Ballmer go all coke-snorting-like crazy about Vista and Gates talks lot of shit and paint nice images about visions, just as always. Apple has their chance to kick MS in the balls. 😀

    Reminds me of an duel, where participants bring their own weapons. MS brings a cheap Rambo-knive copy and I hope that Apple brings a ball (that has battle-axe-like blades attached) and a chain. Apple has a chance to do real damage, since you gotta hammer when the iron (press) is hot, and that thanks to iPhone, it IS.

    To: Apple, Inc. — Bring the Cube back and make Mac Mini cheaper. I’ve noticed that even the most-possible-switcher-accustomed-to-cheap-FJS-Dell-Acer-buyer doesn’t really care about BT or WLAN. They want their desktops as cheap as possible.

  7. How about this: Steve confirms his “we’re done with the Mac” announcement at his Keynote and declares Leopard the last cat out of the bag and the current enclosures as the end of the line?

    Apple, Inc., is iPhone and iPhone only from now on. Good luck with the world’s most expensive cell phone with sexy goodies that may or may not last past the first date.

    Smart money: sell AAPL

  8. February would make sense for a widescreen iPod and more movie studios. Beatles. Actually release of Apple TV. Maybe a consumer Mac (MacMini), as it can drive the home theater experience.

    The upgraded Mac Pros are most likely to come out in March at the NAB show when Apple updates FinalCut, Motion, Shake, etc.

    Leopard & iLife that’ll be April. We gotta hear that RC1 has been seeded before Apple plans a release party.

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