Will Steve Jobs release Mac OS X for any old Intel PC?

“It seems that the company that makes Parallels is working on an upgrade to the software that will let Windows users theoretically run Mac OS X side-by-side with Windows on their cheapo Dell boxes, which Dell would be happy to do. Heresy! The only problem with that, as the article and others are more than happy to point out, is that Steve Jobs likes that idea about as much as Bill Gates likes the idea of open-sourcing Windows code,” Mathew Ingram writes for WebProNews.

Ingram writes, “Obviously… part of the Mac OS experience comes from the fact that software and hardware are all one harmonious whole, working flawlessly together, etc., etc. But why not let people who can’t afford those gleaming white boxes get a taste of the Mac magic?”

Full article here.
Because a Mac that doesn’t work harmoniously isn’t magic.

Why give people a potentially bad taste of something when Apple already offers the great taste of Mac?

Our advice to HP, Dell, etc. owners: eBay, craigslist, etc. Or, if you can afford it, put the thing out of its misery in an environmentally safe manner and spare the next guy the trouble: The Apple Recycling Program. allows for you to purchase any qualifying Apple computer or monitor and receive free recycling of your old computer and monitor — regardless of manufacturer. Then get a Mac. If you’re on a budget, Apple Certified Refurbished Macs often offer good bargains – keep looking, the deals change often. So, no biggie, you made a mistake that’s easily fixed. You can thank us later as untold numbers of Windows to Mac switchers already have.

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  1. “Will Steve Jobs release Mac OS X for any old Intel PC?”


    Also, who cares if Dell, et al. wants to sell it, unless they get permission from Apple they won’t be able to sell it.

    Besides, since Apple’s systems cost as much as (and sometimes less than) Dell’s or HP’s, why would you buy the other?

  2. I hope OS X is never licensed to run on peecees. MDN’s take is correct. There is no doubt OS X is better thought-out than doze, but to me there is also no doubt compatibility problems would be ten-fold on dozers. There’s plenty of Macs that have problems with something as simple as a point upgrade-why add more problems with the Ballmer special”?

  3. Ingram is a low-brow tool. Normally he writes for the Globe, and never gets anything Apple-related right. He says “Mac magic” because its become fashionable in the traditional IT world to praise OS X, with the addendum, of course, that if only Apple were more like Microsoft. Ingram has jumped on that bandwagon. He’s probably never actually used OS X in his life, though.

  4. One of the reasons the OS X Mac experience is so flawless is that Apple controls the hardware and software. Windows PC users have to deal with all sorts of hardware and driver problems.

    Parallels runs on a virtual machine, meaning that OS X could run on a “virtual Core Solo” on a Core Duo Dell machine. It would not have all the benefits of running a mac, but it is a lot better than just licensing OS X to Dell.

    It would be Parallel’s duty to make sure their “virtual mac” works well with everyone’s PC hardware.

  5. The idiot who said this at Parallels won’t have to be on the huge team who would have to deal with all the aftereffects, complications and long term issues that OS X on Win$in would create. Sure, it would put some money into Apple’s pocket, but it would take their focus off of what they do best and create compatibility headaches that are undreamable. Steve has known this from the very beginning and people forget that even with the iPod, Apple makes its money on hardware, not software. Apple will never open itself up to a cheap conglomeration of diverse third party hardware. At Apple, going to work is about changing the planet and history. At M$, going to work is about padding their wallet and fixing all their problems. People still compare an innovation company with abunch of businessmen who have more money than they could ever spend. Jobs will leave this life with true satisfaction. Balmer will leave this life with abunch of money he can’t take with him and have his last thought about all the weight of problems and unlined ducks.

  6. Emotionally driven Lord Steven Jobs lemmings are making it absolutely impossible for OSX to ever run on more than 5% of the personal computers in the United States and half that world wide.

    So, quitsherwhining about how 95% of us aren’t now and never will switch. Either give us OSX on a machine that is competitively priced or shut the hell up. Who needs you?

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