LG unveils iPhone-like Prada mobile phone

“LG Electronics has unveiled the fruits of a mobile phone design partnership with Italian fashion goods maker Prada,” Martyn Williams reports for Macworld UK.

“The front face of the LG-KE850 phone is dominated by a large touch-screen display and little else, which at first glance means it looks a lot like Apple’s recently announced iPhone,” Williams reports. “A comparison of the tech-specs reveals that the Apple product is superior in several areas, including screen resolution, data networking ability and internal memory… The phone is a tri-band GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) model (900/1800/1900MHz) with support for EDGE data transmission.”

“It will go on sale first in late February through Prada shops in the UK, France, Germany and Italy. It will cost around €600 [US$777]. In March it will begin appearing in stores in Asia including Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore, said LG. A version for the Korean market is due out in the second quarter,” Williams reports. “LG has no plans to put it on sale in the US, said Judy Pae, a spokeswoman for the company in Seoul.”

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Wait a second, according to Microsoft’s genius CEO Steve Ballmer, Apple was going to have the most expensive keyboard-less phone by far ever in the marketplace?

[Please suspend belief and forget about all of the other so-called “smartphones” that were released at higher prices than Apple’s iPhone which, of course, has a keyboard.]

Now LG goes and screws it all up for Microsoft’s genius CEO Steve Ballmer.

Now the big decision: Should we go with a user interface for an electronic device developed by Apple or one developed by LG/Prada? What a conundrum! We’ll tackle that one right after we decide whether to get a 4×4 developed by Jeep or one developed by Yugo/Prada.

Apple’s iPhone user interface “is the result of years of research and development” and “boy, have we patented it.” – Apple CEO Steve Jobs, January 09, 2007

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