LG unveils iPhone-like Prada mobile phone

“LG Electronics has unveiled the fruits of a mobile phone design partnership with Italian fashion goods maker Prada,” Martyn Williams reports for Macworld UK.

“The front face of the LG-KE850 phone is dominated by a large touch-screen display and little else, which at first glance means it looks a lot like Apple’s recently announced iPhone,” Williams reports. “A comparison of the tech-specs reveals that the Apple product is superior in several areas, including screen resolution, data networking ability and internal memory… The phone is a tri-band GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) model (900/1800/1900MHz) with support for EDGE data transmission.”

“It will go on sale first in late February through Prada shops in the UK, France, Germany and Italy. It will cost around €600 [US$777]. In March it will begin appearing in stores in Asia including Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore, said LG. A version for the Korean market is due out in the second quarter,” Williams reports. “LG has no plans to put it on sale in the US, said Judy Pae, a spokeswoman for the company in Seoul.”

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Wait a second, according to Microsoft’s genius CEO Steve Ballmer, Apple was going to have the most expensive keyboard-less phone by far ever in the marketplace?

[Please suspend belief and forget about all of the other so-called “smartphones” that were released at higher prices than Apple’s iPhone which, of course, has a keyboard.]

Now LG goes and screws it all up for Microsoft’s genius CEO Steve Ballmer.

Now the big decision: Should we go with a user interface for an electronic device developed by Apple or one developed by LG/Prada? What a conundrum! We’ll tackle that one right after we decide whether to get a 4×4 developed by Jeep or one developed by Yugo/Prada.

Apple’s iPhone user interface “is the result of years of research and development” and “boy, have we patented it.” – Apple CEO Steve Jobs, January 09, 2007

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  1. They obviously didn’t copy off of Apple because very few people outside the company knew what the iPhone looked like before last week. But, wait for the impersonators to come out of the woodwork like they did with the iPod. They will come.

    MW = “came” (ordinarily this would provoke a lot of jokes on my part but the fact that it fits with my last sentence is just plain freaky!

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