Trekkies rejoice: Apple adds ‘Star Trek’ to iTunes Store

The voyage begins. Apple has added Star Trek: The Original Series to their iTunes Store.

The year is 2264, 201 years after man first traveled faster than the speed of light, and 113 years after the first voyage of the Enterprise NX-01, Captain James T. Kirk and his crew set forth in the constitution-class USS Enterprise.

So far, only season one’s 29 episodes are available. Each episode is priced at iTunes Store’s standard $1.99 per episode.

The entire season one is available for $56.99 (you’ll save 72-cents there, buddy!)

Find Star Trek: The Original Series via iTunes Store here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Adam W.” for the heads up.]


  1. This is a good step forward, but:

    1) let’s see some of this stuff outside the US (please come to Canada!)
    2) the full-season price should be lower. Guess it’s hard to please everyone, so may as well make money in the process.

  2. this price sort of stinks. You can get all three seasons of the original series on DVD for $110.86 at Barnes & Noble:

    Why I think this is great…and I might have indulged a bit of my inner geek if the price was right…but for less than best quality and without the ability to burn to a DVD…I’ll pass. I’ll just buy the DVDs and use handbrake if I want to watch it on my video iPod (which I don’t have yet)

  3. Uhra “Captain, I’m recieving a mating call from the bridge”
    Jim “Open all frequently, er frequencies”
    Scotty “Captain, are ya givin er all yew gite?”
    Jim “Ahead, full thrusting”
    Sulu “I’ll take some of that!”
    Bones “Bones?”
    Spock “WTF?”

  4. Luckily for Apple most Americans can’t add otherwise nobody would buy this shit on iTunes.
    That’s probably why TV shows aren’t available elsewhere, cos everyone would work out it makes more sense to buy the friggin DVD, rip it to whatever you want.

  5. Y’all’s missin’ the point.

    ITMS better get a subscription (at least video) service going soon. People are just not going to buy a lot of this video. But a LOT of people WILL pay a monthly subscription for all this content. Apple will be making a big mistake to introduce “the iTV” and no subscription video (Netflix/cable replacement) service along with it!

    “iTV” and the “iPhone” and $20 month? They’ll have a steady stream of “lifelong” income.

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