Parallels releases Parallels Desktop for Mac Beta 3

Parallels, Inc. has released Parallels Desktop for Mac Beta 3 (Build 3106). As with all previous updates, all registered Parallels customers will receive the final version of this update free!

Features and enhancements introduced in this Beta include:

• USB 2.0 support – “Plug and play” popular USB devices like external hard drives, printers, and scanners, and use them at full native speed. Note: Current Build 3106 doesn’t support isochronous devices such as web cameras, microphones, etc.
• Full-feature virtual CD/DVD drive – Burn CDs and DVDs directly in virtual machines, and play any copy-protected CD or DVD just like you would on a real PC
• Improved Coherence mode – The groundbreaking feature that lets you run Windows applications without seeing Windows just got better! Learn more about Coherence >>
• Better Boot Camp support – Using your Boot Camp partition in Parallels Desktop is now easier than ever. Beta3’s Boot Camp support includes:
– Full support for FAT32 and NTFS partitions
– Easy offline configuration. Simply tell Parallels Desktop that you want to create a virtual machine from a Boot Camp Partition and click start. No complicated set up required!
– No need to re-activate Windows each time you switch between Boot Camp and Parallels. Activate Windows only once inside Parallels and work in both environments
• Transporter Beta3 bundled – migrate your real Windows PC, or existing VMware or Virtual PC VMs to Parallels virtual machines! Learn more about Transporter Beta3 >>
• Added keyboard remapping configuration
• Lots of various fixes

More info and download link here.

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  1. Justified:

    Here are three good reasons:
    1) When you have to use a Windows-only program for school or work
    2) Web programmers can use it to test sites on PC browsers
    3) It gives switchers an insecurity-blanket while they get used to OSX

    The fact that Windows is evil and that the world would be better without it doesn’t mean that there aren’t practical reasons why Mac users might need to run it from time to time.

  2. Transfer your real Windows PC to a Parallels virtual machine.

    That is the last impediment to a Windows user’s adoption of a malware free Mac. Connect your old PC to your new Mac and transfer your files, programs, contacts and OS over to your new iMac, MacBook or MacBook Pro.

    What could be easier? Who wouldn’t switch?

  3. I can think of a reason to load Windows: games.

    I just picked up Quake 4 for $19.99 for PC. Runs great with Boot Camp.

    Parallels lets you boot Windows from your Boot Camp partition now, so I’m even more happy with my purchase. When I need to use Windows for anything but games, I use Parallels.

  4. Parallels have stated that allowing accelerated graphics (currently not possible) is on their ToDo list. Once done, I’ll delete my BootCamp partition and use only Parallels with a self-expanding HD and a minimal drive image as a backup.

    My kids need a maths app for school that needs Windows, for now, until market-share forces cause them to rewite for Mac.

  5. ::
    ::mudflapper wrote: I can think of a reason to load Windows: games.

    Some others:

    After Effects on Intel Macs (currently not UB)
    Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/ etc @ full speed
    Various CAD apps
    Website Testing across various platforms
    Legacy Business app support

    Not to say that Windows is my platform of choice… but there sure are some pretty useful apps that run in that environment.

  6. loganson wrote:

    “If they could just give us a mac look and feel for windoze apps I might even consider it…nahhh—not as long as purchasing windoze is a part of the deal. Never. Absolutely never.”

    Why purchase Windoze? Just get a copy of the OEM installer (no activation required) from the Peer to Peer networks. I’m hoping we’re breaking new legal ground here. Technically, with the “coherence” feature you’re not actually “using” windows for anything. I’m all for buying the Apps, but buying Windoze just to enable those Apps to run. I think the DOJ should step up and force this issue. As long as you’re not using Windoze, the API’s should be fair use.

    If you have a copy of Windoze, make sure to share it with ALL of your intel based Mac using friends ;^)

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