‘docXConverter’ converts Microsoft Office 2007 ‘docx’ files

Panergy Software has released “docXConverter” which promises to convert .docx files from Microsoft’s Office 2007. docXConverter reads the original docx file and converts it to RTF format; it then transmits this RTF file to a desired application with which you will be able to view the content and shape of the original file and continue working with the document.

According to Panergy, with docXConverter there is nothing lost in the conversion and nothing new to learn. Just double-click on the file and let docXConverter do the rest.

docXConverter runs on Mac OS X version 10.2 to 10.4.x. A free trial version (30-days or 20 conversions, full version) is available and a license costs US$19.95.

More info and download link here.

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  1. And Microsloth couldn’t do this because…

    I mean WTF, I understand it’s not in their best interest to do it, but c’mon. Once you achieve monopoly status (as they have) it becomes illegal to engage in certain practices (like this) designed to prevent customers from using competing products.

    Where is the DOJ on this one? They are supposed to be watching and enforcing the terms of the suit against microsloth.


  2. There is no excuse for this not being freeware. Damn µ$oft for all eternity, but perhaps they will be coming out with a free version of this. If not, it’s really no matter to me- I’ve been µ$oft-free for several years now. Never missed ’em, either.

  3. Office 2007 is a non-issue

    Most of the business world does not see a need to upgrade to 2007 and so with stick with 2005(?)

    Plus open office and neo do the job for free.

    And hopefully iwork will get a much deserved shot in the arm with spread sheet capability.

    I am pretty sure it will because of the strong ties with google whom has been working on a online spreadsheet app for a while, i actually palyed around with the beta and its not bad but still needed work, that was about 3 months ago.

    MDN word “Able” as in we are more than able to do anything we want without MS

  4. “Didn’ M$ announce they would come out with converters as well?”

    The MS MBU has MUCH more important priorities like really cool 3D, glowing Smileys for the next version of Messenger:mac.
    They also have an alpha version of a shiny X-shaped wizard for Office:mac in the spirit of Clippy. It dances and blows kisses! And that’s pretty much all it does right now. It’s project name is iX. Cool, right?

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