Record labels sue Russian music Web site

“Several major record labels sued the operator of the Russian music website, claiming the company has been profiting by selling copies of music without their permission,” The Associated Press reports.

AP reports, “The lawsuit was filed Wednesday in federal court in New York against Moscow-based Mediaservices, which owns AllofMP3 and another music site,”

“A slate of major record labels, including Arista Records LLC, Warner Bros. Records Inc., Capitol Records Inc. and UMG Recordings Inc., are behind the lawsuit,” AP reports.

AP reports, “The labels claim Mediaservices’ sites sell millions of songs by their artists without paying them “a dime” for the right to do so.”

Full article here.

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  1. I totally agree that record companies are greedy arseholes who should be shot and spewed on, but why do most people seem to forget that the musicians get totally ripped off when music’s stolen?!

    Instead of getting the pathetic little amount the record companies grant them from each sale which helps them to e-v-e-n-t-u-a-l-l-y pay off their debts to the record company, they get absolutely NOTHING. If you hate the record companies, fine, but if people like the musicians enough to want their music I think they (the musos) should be paid something. Otherwise they’re getting screwed twice – once by the shylocks they’re contractually bound to, and again by their fans.

    Yeah, I’m sure the likes of the Rolling Stones, U2, etc. would survive quite comfortably without having to sell many more CDs, but rampant piracy also affects the likes of the local band that pays $20k to have an album recorded, mixed and mastered (not to mention the 100’s of hours they’ve put into creating the music) only to find their ‘fans’ pirating their music while the band can’t even sell that first batch of 500 CDs they paid to have replicated.

    Maybe bands should have a PayPal “donate” button on their website. That’d enable fans to pirate their music but still pay something to the band, whilst leaving the record companies completely out of the picture.

  2. I love to see the record labels scrambling to make up lost revenue.

    I can’t wait for the day when all major record labels file for bankruptcy and bands sell their music on their own websites without the uesless, tasteless, corrupt, dirty middle man.

  3. Yes, just like that Toyota car marker that makes millions in profits selling cars, and ripping lots of people off with their higher price than other brands! I can’t believe this.

    Therefore, I think my relative ethical lines should allow a few cars to be taken for free. See you at the lot tonight!

    Perhaps it is just Jr. Higher-ers on the web, but perhaps not… One things rings clear in post after post across the web:

    There is a complete lack of ethics, an understanding of how dangerous relativism is, and a complete lack of any brand of critical thinking.

  4. Steven: “Perhaps it is just Jr. Higher-ers on the web, but perhaps not…”

    From what I’ve seen it’s all age groups. I’ve actually seen a couple of adults on 6-figure incomes explaining how they d/l whatever music they want. They did it with a gleam in their eye, as if they were proud of it and thought it’s a wonderful thing. Being in my mid-40’s, a lot of my friends are around the same age; virtually all of them have absolutely no qualms about “sharing” their music.

    I agree that it displays a complete lack of ethics. And yeah, the “Fuck ’em” attitude towards the record companies displays a complete lack of critical thinking by ignoring the musos that get re-fucked by all the illegal downloading.

    Anyone who thinks musos get it easy should check out a standard recording contract. It brings new meaning to the expression “unconsionable greed”. And see if they can get hold of the Guitar Player magazine article that clearly explains how the members of a band with a gold album in the U.S. typically make about $50k a year from their ‘stardom’, which often comes with a shit life (apart from that wonderful hour or so on stage a few times a week).

    Sorry ’bout all the ranting. In case you haven’t guessed – yes, I’m a pro musician.

  5. When you buy a CD or MP3, you’re not paying for the WORK of the artist. You’re paying for a COPY of the work of an artist. When you see a performer live, you’re paying for the work of an artist.

    If you want exclusive access to a painting, you pay big bucks and you completely control it. If you want a copy, you pay a fee which covers a little more than the cost of making and printing the media. If you just want to view it, you either go to the art gallery… for a tiny fraction (or free) of what the painting would cost.

    Record labels aren’t selling music, they’re selling digital reproductions of a live studio production. Inferior (just like the print).

    I appreciate that it costs money to produce an album, but how much is seriously spent?


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