Justin Long and John Hodgman win best actor awards for Apple ‘Get a Mac’ ad characters

“Garfield’s ‘Bobby’ awards honor the year’s best performance by an actor in a commercial. This year’s Best Male Performance was won by Justin Long and John Hodgman who play Mac and PC in the Apple Macintosh ads created by TBWA/Chiat/Day,” Bob Garfield reports for Advertising Age.

“Hodgman is a PC, earnest and uptight, and Long is a Mac, casually cool. Yes, PC is a doofus, but what so distinguishes these performances is how the two interact — affably and respectfully, in spite of the central premise. Long is cool not because he’s ultrahip but because he’s laid-back and confident, minus any trace of condescension,” Garfield reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Adam W.” for the heads up.]


  1. Many have complained that the ads don’t show OSX, but looking back, it is a brilliant campaign. I’ve chuckled at most of the commercials.

    It is a pretty neat bit of advertising. I thought the characters were perfect.

  2. I like clyde’s idea of a vista commercial. Another is a “backup” commercial when we get Leopard. They can have a second Justin Long come out as the back up and have a whole bunch of kids dressed as Hodgeman to show CDs as backup. Somehow show new data just being handed back to the backup on the Mac side and on the PC side the CDs saying they are full.

    As for the “showing” of OSX, you just can’t do that well in 30 seconds. These commercials are memorable and all my PC friends like them, they are not offended. These are serving their purpose quite well.

  3. For those pc users who are offended by these commercials, I really think there is medication for that. I have had many of my pc using friends tell me they love these commercials. Getting them to switch is a no brainer now compared to just 2 years ago when it was a total uphill battle. Out of at least 2 dozen people I’ve switched, I’ve never had anyone switch back. Or even consider it.

  4. I would like a new ad which includes one more actor. He would say, “Hi, I’m Vista. I work with PC. I am beautiful.” His face would be hidden behind one of those masks you see used in some operas — the ones held on a stick. It would have an Apple logo for the face. At the end, the camera shot would reveal the actor’s face behind the mask. It would be the Neanderthal guy from the Geico ads.

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