Unlike Microsoft’s Windows Vista, Apple’s Mac OS X Leopard will create no new jobs

“Researchers have discovered that Apple’s new operating system, codenamed Leopard, will create 0 new jobs when it is launched early next year,” Tim Gaden writes for APC Magazine.

“This research (which was not commissioned by Apple) stands in sharp contrast to the findings of an industry report (commissioned by Microsoft) that Vista’s release will create 100,000 new jobs in tech support and help desk positions,” Gaden writes.

Gaden writes, “While Vista seems set to impact on the economy by creating more IT support jobs to fix the broken or frozen computers of other employees, research shows that Apple will take a different path.”

Gaden writes, “Apple is well known for its award-winning innovation. With Leopard’s release Apple will continue an innovative strategy of impacting on the economy by increasing individual productivity. It will let people get more of their own work done, faster and smarter, without the need for endless calls to tech support, compatibility hassles, driver problems or time wasted defending their PCs from viruses and trojans.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Ooh, scathing. We love it!

The desktop market has entered the dark ages, and it’s going to be in the dark ages for the next 10 years… Eventually, Microsoft will crumble because of complacency, and maybe some new things will grow… – Steve Jobs, February 1996

Mac OS X. Welcome to the renaissance.

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  1. The irony is that Vista will generate some Mac-related work, as well, since some users will finally be compelled to switch. There is a market for services like helping people get set up, transfer their data, etc.

  2. I deal with different businesses that have to make decisions as to whether or not to go Mac or stay with Windows.
    Why is it that all the IT guys are always wanting to stay with Windows? I become increasingly frustrated when talking with these guys because their arguments are null and void.
    Example- One company that I dealt with last spring had over 500 computers to work with. One department ( Marketing ) had 13 Macs that they used. This companies IT guys wanted this department to give up their Macs just so the company could be 100% Windows. ( I imagine they wanted better control of this departments machines?!?!?! ) When the head of the marketing department did a survey they found that these IT guys had not spent 1 single hour in 2005 on these machines. What better argument could you want? Thank you for this article to put some of these IT guys in their places.

  3. UndercoverMacBrother says “The tech/IT guys should send M$ a portion of their paychecks as a “thank you” for creating crappy stuff that requires hours of billable time to maintain.”

    They do, I see them at Fry’s and MicroCenter every weekend “upgrading” their stuff.

  4. The researchers’ conclusion is completely wrong! Leopard will create 100,000, higher paying software developer jobs. Once Windows only application companies realize their market is in a downward spiral, they will need to hire software engineers to prepare Mac solutions. More risk taking programmers will start their own software companies to take advantage of switcher oppotunities.

    I realize this is just my wishful thinking.

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