Early debut for new Intel quad-core Xeon chip

“Intel says it has rushed introduction of a new quad-core chip, originally scheduled for next year, to Monday to meet demand from server manufacturers for the processor,” Robert Mullins reports for Macworld UK. “Intel is shipping the Xeon 5335 processor two months ahead of schedule as an addition to its 5300 series of quad core processors.”

Mullins reports, “The 5335 is a 2GHz processor with a 1.333GHz front-side bus and 8MB of L2 memory cache… The 5335’s list price is $690 when purchased in quantities of 1,000 or more. It is positioned above the 5320 model, which features a 1.86GHz processor, a 1.066GHz front-side bus, also selling for $690, and below the 5345, with a 2.33GHz processor and a 1.333GHz front-side bus for $851. All three operate at 80 watts, compared to higher-end 5300s, which operate at 120 and 130 watts.”

“Intel still has two other quad-core processors to introduce in the first quarter, including a low volt 50-watt version, said Erica Fields, an Intel spokesperson,” Mullins reports.

More details in the full article here.


  1. Ohm my. Power puns are revolting. They make me coil with tension. So, please conduct yourself with a current and positive attitude. That said, I am peering into a new generation without insulation from any negativity and a spark of hope.

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