Apple Board Member Al Gore campaigns for Oscar for Apple Keynote-based documentary

“Al Gore is waging a fierce campaign for recognition and an Oscar statuette for his global warning documentary, while reviving talk that he’s pursuing a bigger prize: the presidency,” Beth Fouhy reports for Forbes.

“This Saturday Gore is hosting a network of 1,600 house parties across the country to watch and discuss his documentary, ‘An Inconvenient Truth,’ with the Democrat planning to address the gatherings by satellite hookup. The movie is on the short list of feature-length documentaries being considered for Oscar nominations,” Fouhy reports. “The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announce the Oscar nominations Jan. 23, with the 79th Oscars slated for Feb. 25.”

“‘I am not planning to run for president again,’ Gore said last week, arguing that his focus is raising public awareness about global warming and its dire effects. Then, he added: ‘I haven’t completely ruled it out,'” Fouhy reports. “Those words make Gore the 800-pound non-candidate of the Democratic field.”

Full article here.
Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth,” the highest-grossing documentary of the year, features copious use of Apple’s Keynote presentation software, even while many reviewers of the film incorrectly describe it as a “PowerPoint” presentation.

Apple’s Keynote use in “An Inconvenient Truth” here:

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  1. Imagine what life would be like now if Gore’s election to the presidency had not been subverted. Large and growing national fiscal surplus, strong economy, PEACE, international support, a million Iraqis still alive, and on and on. Good thing it didn’t happen.

    This is a pretty sorry excuse for a Mac Daily News article though. Do we have to read about everybody who uses Keynote? There are MILLIONS of us.

  2. Crap documentary based on flawed science plus facts discredited by real experts in most disciplines.

    Not a candidate ? A wannabe president who should be at home doing to his wife what he’s doing to academic respectability

  3. macca-

    No need. (Unless, perhaps YOU are MDN trolling for hits?) ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    No, any moment now, we’ll see the right-wing geniuses start with the crap-

    “…commies…libs… terrorists… scary…creepy….”

    -then, some dipshit will actually refer to Rush LimpBalls (TM), even though he, for the majority of his “career”, has been WASTED!

    “…Here is what the record to date shows: Mr. Limbaugh’s housekeeper, Wilma Cline, approached Florida media and Florida authorities to reveal that she had acted as Rush Limbaugh’s drug buyer for years, purchasing “more than 30,000 hydrocodone, Lorcet and OcyContin pills,” and she reports he “took as many as 30 OxyContin pills a day.”**** Florida authorities then began investigating, and Ms. Cline’s allegations have apparently proved solid, certainly solid enough for the State of Florida to take action…”

    How can you possibly quote him? HE_IS_HIGH! 30 a day? THIRTY!

    Now, if the gerry-mandering bullshit and criminal activities of the republican party (disallowing ex-con voters in FL) and rigged diebold machines hadn’t been a factor, we’d have a statesman-like, concientious (sorry ’bout the big words, right-wing goobers) President, and WOU;DN’T BE IN THE FUCKING MESS WE ARE IN (our invasion of Iraq).

    (now some dipshit’s going to post “we’re fighting them over there, so we don’t have to fight them over here”.

    WHO’S coming here to fight? The Shiite and Sunni?

    $8 billion a month. WHAT THE FUCK.

  4. Green Apples, a.k.a “Granny Smith”.

    BTW, stop with the Green Peace propaganda. Apples are green and always have been despite what the GPers say, Apple doesn’t make CRT monitors, they were one of the first to drop those super polluters. They embraced Energy Saver™ guidelines loooooooong ago. They come in one box not several like PCs. They last longer and have a higer resale value, and don’t get trashed as often, or ever.

    Love the shots of the MacBook Pro (PowerBook?) running Keynote that shows prominently in “an Inconvenient Truth”

    Imagine if Gore had become POTUS where would environmental issues be in the agenda, perhaps Kyoto would have been ratified with a US signature?

  5. Sung to the theme from “The Beverly Hillbillies”

    Come and listen to my story ’bout a boy name Bush.
    His IQ was zero and his head was up his tush.
    He drank like a fish while he drove all about.
    But that didn’t matter ‘cuz his daddy bailed him out.
    DUI, that is. Criminal record. Cover-up.

    Well, the first thing you know little Georgie goes to Yale.
    He can’t spell his name but they never let him fail.
    He spends all his time hangin’ out with student folk.
    And that’s when he learns how to snort a line of coke.
    Blow, that is. White gold. Nose candy.

    The next thing you know there’s a war in Vietnam.
    Kin folks say, “George, stay at home with Mom.”
    Let the common people get maimed and scarred.
    We’ll buy you a spot in the Texas Air Guard.
    Cushy, that is. Country clubs. Nose candy.

    Twenty years later George gets a little bored.
    He trades in the booze, says that Jesus is his Lord.
    He said, “Now the White House is the place I wanna be.”
    So he called his daddy’s friends and they called the GOP.
    Gun owners, that is. Falwell. Jesse Helms.

    Come November 7, the election ran late.
    Kin folks said “Jeb, give the boy your state!”
    “Don’t let those colored folks get into the polls.”
    So they put up barricades so they couldn’t punch their holes.
    Chads, that is. Duval County. Miami-Dade.

    Before the votes were counted five Supremes stepped in.
    Told all the voters “Hey, we want George to win.”
    “Stop counting votes!” was their solemn invocation.
    And that’s how George finally got his coronation.
    Rigged, that is. Illegitimate. No moral authority.

    Y’all come vote now. Ya hear?

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