Zune: Welcome to the social isolation

“Well, it had been two weeks since the Zune had hit stores, and I was ready to sample a stranger’s tunes. Equipped with a demonstration unit–courtesy of the folks in Redmond–I set out to try to find some fellow Zunes and their playlists,” Ina Fried reports for CNET News.

“I headed from CNET’s offices in downtown San Francisco up two blocks to Market Street, the main thoroughfare in the city,” Fried reports. “Along the way, I popped into a Starbucks to see if there were any Zunes amid the Venti Macchiatos, or whatever it is that they serve these days. I quickly checked my player. ‘Searching for Zune devices,’ it said, promisingly. I waited, hopeful. ‘No nearby Zune devices found, or nearby devices have wireless turned off,’ my device sadly informed me a few seconds later. Sigh.”

Fried continues searching, “I checked for Zunes frequently as I headed down busy Valencia Street, passing thrift stores and tragically hip coffee shops. I was searching for a particular spot, recommended as the ‘in’ coffee joint. It was called Ritual Coffee Roasters, and it seemed almost to require a laptop for entry. There was a decidedly Mac bent to the ultrahip crowd, however. There were 19 Mac laptops, along with nine Windows machines. An iPod or two could be spotted, though most of the white headphones were plugged directly into the Macs. I immediately realized this was probably not where Zunes come to meet. Alas, after a fruitless search, I was right.”

After a week of searching for another Zune with no luck, lightning struck Fried, “I hopped on the subway to head into the office and went through the familiar Zune routine. Menu…Community…nearby. This time, I did not see the familiar rejection notice. Was I dreaming? …There was another Zune. ‘I should send them a song,’ I thought. But what? I quickly settled on R.E.M’s ‘Begin the Begin.’ ‘Lost connection,’ my Zune reported. ‘0 of 1 songs sent…'”

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Instead of the real world, Fried should’ve tried trolling the halls of CNET to try and fail at transferring a DRM-laden time-bomb advertisement disguised as a song. Surely he’d have quickly run into Michael Kanellos or any number of other “I’ll screw myself in a vain attempt to spite Apple” types right there in the adjoining cubicles.

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  1. “Fried should’ve tried trolling the halls of CNET instead of the real world. Surely he’d have run into…”

    I believe you meant to say “she’d have” ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  2. Is it legal to “squirt” a song to someone else? Granted the “squirted” song will be gone in three listens or 3 days whichever comes first. But if someone squirted me a song, a song that I do not own in my own personal library, will I be subject to criminal charges because of this? Just a thought……

  3. MDN got it right

    Ina is a Man that perhaps thinks He is a woman.. but no.. definetly born male. I saw an interview He had with Balmer. I just don’t get why people would call a man who dresses acts or has surgry in opposition to their gender of oragin a woman.. or refer to him as her.

  4. Great idea for Microsoft, give up, talk the inventory and give each employee of Microsoft a Zune. That way they can trade songs during lunch. So at work it’s Zune, at home it’s iPod.

  5. That’s a tough article to write, at least as far as the timing is concerned. Right now it seems a little early because it hasn’t been on the market long, but if you wait until next spring to publish it, who will care? By then, the ‘iTV’ will be out, and sharing videos and music between computer, iPod, and television will be the big story. That, and Vista’s troubles.

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

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